Taishet city mayor arrested for two months

Taishet city mayor arrested for two months
Aleksandr Velichko, Taishet Mayor

The court has selected a preventive measure against Mayor of the Taishet district of Irkutsk region Aleksandr Velichko; the official has been arrested for two months.

Let us recall that, as previously reported by the CrimeRussia, the mayor is suspected of corruption and fraud. On February 9, the mayor's office was searched. According to the prosecutor's office, four artesian wells belonging to the municipality have been illegally transferred to the ownership of the private company VAV LLC.

Meanwhile, these wells had been created by local authorities using budget money. The expenditure part was 3.2 million rubles. In addition, VAV LLC annually received 15 million rubles from Baykalenergo for wells exploitation.



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