Sverdlovsk region officials have spent 40 thousand euros for massage

Sverdlovsk region officials have spent 40 thousand euros for massage

The Ministry of Health in Sverdlovsk region illegally paid for expensive treatment abroad. The part of the money settled in pockets of intermediaries, related to the health department.⁠

The Audit Chamber revealed a budget leak in the audit activities of the Sverdlovsk Ministry of Health for years 2012-2016. According to a source in law enforcement agency of the edition «URA.Ru», the money spent on treatment of VIP-clients in Germany. The mediator between Saint Maurice Clinic in Dusseldorf and Sverdlovsk Ministry of Health was the Medikal Care Center Dusseldorf of Sergey Uretski. It is known about him that he is familiar with the former Head of the Ministry of Health in Sverdlovsk Mikhail Sklar.

The cost of his mediation services Uritsky is estimated at 15%. In particular, for the treatment of spinal of the former Deputy Prime Minister of the Sverdlovsk government Semen Spector in 2014 in Germany it took more than 3 million rubles through Uretski. His fees amounted to more than 450 thousand rubles. In another case, to massage and sports gymnastics for patient with the same disease in the regional Ministry of Health it was spent 40 thousand euros (as at 2014). In general, auditors of the Sverdlovsk Accounting Chamber found that on treatment it was illegally spent more than 10 million rubles only in 2014.

The medical assistance program outside Russia for needful patients, using budget funds, started in the Sverdlovsk Region in 2006. The medical consultation and the special commission took the decision to send the patient abroad only if none of the local hospitals were able to cure the patient. The order on budget allocations approved by the Chairman of the Government.

As explained in the Ministry of Health in Sverdlovsk, now such kind of scheme does not practiced, and the coordination of the foreign treatment of Russians now goes through the Health Ministry of the Russian Federation.



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