Sverdlovsk official sentenced to 3 years for $285.000-land hustle

Sverdlovsk official sentenced to 3 years for $285.000-land hustle
Konstantin Surin

Deputy Mayor of Sysert (Sverdlovsk region) Konstantin Surin was caught illegally distributing land plots.

According to the investigation, the official has granted land plots to ten people not entitled to it. As a result, the court found Surin guilty of land hustle and sentenced him to three years in a penal colony settlement.

As reported by Senior Assistant to the ICR Chief of the Sverdlovsk region Aleksandr Shulga, the official has been convicted of 10 episodes under Abuse of authority.

During the investigation, experts found that in 2013 Konstantin Surin signed 10 fake extracts from house books, which contained forged information that a number of citizens had rights to land plots. They included friends and acquaintances of Surin, as well as his father. In reality, none of them had land entitlement. As a result, the city treasury suffered a loss of 17 million rubles ($285 thousand).

When the official's fraud was exposed, he was removed from office on the ICR's application. In addition, travel restrictions were imposed on him.

Having considered this criminal case, the court found Surin guilty.



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