Sverdlovsk corruption fighter, caught on a large bribe, was released

Sverdlovsk corruption fighter, caught on a large bribe, was released
The detention of Maxim Kasatkin

The Deputy Chief of the Department of economic security and anti-corruption of the Ministry of Interior Affairs in the Sverdlovsk Maxim Kasatkin extorted 2.000.000 rubles from a businessman for the protection of his firm.

The Deputy Head of the Division for the identification tax violations on the construction and transport UEBiPK MD MIA in the Sverdlovsk Region Maxim Kasatkin was released on written undertaking not to leave the place, according to, citing sources. In the ICR this information was not officially confirmed.

Recall that on 12th August the Lieutenant Colonel Kasatkin was detained by FSB agents on receiving of the first tranche of a bribe of 500 thousand rubles. In total, the officer planned to take 2 million rubles. For that amount Kasatkin promised a protection for the buisnessman, in particular, to stop checks. According to this fact, the ICR has opened a criminal case against Kasatkin under part 6 of Article 290 of the Criminal Code (Bribe-Taking in an especially large scale) and in respect of an intermediary in obtaining bribes Eduard Kraev under part 4 of Art. 291 of the Criminal Code (Mediation in receiving a bribe).

It should be noted that on 22 September in the framework of this case in the main office the Sverdlovsk Ministry of Internal Affairs was searched. The police is checked.

"If the suspect's guilt is confirmed, he will be fired from the bodies of internal affairs for negative reasons and brought to the statutory criminal responsibility", - reported the MD MIA spokesman.



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