Supreme Court overturned expunging former Commander Chirkin's criminal record

Supreme Court overturned expunging former Commander Chirkin's criminal record
The Land Forces Commander Vladimir Chirkin

Earlier, the court released the Colonel General from custody, returned him the military rank and awards.⁠

The decision of the 235th Garrison Court of Moscow over the expunging the former Land Forces Commander Chirkin's criminal record was reversed by the relevant verdict of the Supreme Court.

According to Kommersant, the case of the recently reinstating in the rank Commander is submitted under advisement.

In August 2015 the Moscow Garrison Military Court found the General, order bearer and veteran of the hot spots Vladimir Chirkin guilty of accepting bribes (part 5 of Art. 290 of the Criminal Code) for assisting in the apartment provision to the former secondary. He was sentenced to 5 years of imprisonment in a colony of strict regime and deprived of the high military rank.

However, four months later the court revised the sentence and changed the qualification of Chirkin’s crime. As a result, the sentence was revised and the court reclassified criminal charges to Swindling and released him from custody.

In addition, the Moscow Garrison Military Court expunged Chirkin's criminal record taking into account “the General's good behavior since the announcement of his sentence and payment of a fine of 90 thousand rubles". The expunging of criminal record allowed the General to return to military service. In addition, Chirkin was returned his rank and orders, his imprisonment was replaced by 90 000 rubles fine.

The Supreme Court disagreed with a penalty calling the General’s mitigation of punishment illegal. The re-examination of the case will take place on 18 November.



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