Sugrobov’s lawyers “hope for fair trial despite accusatory nature of proceedings” 

Sugrobov’s lawyers “hope for fair trial despite accusatory nature of proceedings”
Denis Sugrobov, the former Head of the General Administration for Economic Security and Combatting the Corruption

During the judicial deliberations, the prosecution will request sentences for Denis Sugrobov and his alleged accomplices.

Deliberations under the high-profile case of former Head of the MIA General Administration for Economic Security and Combatting the Corruption (GUEBiPK) Denis Sugrobov and his alleged accomplices will begin December 5 in the Moscow City Court. It is expected that the prosecution will speak first; the prosecutor will list all the crimes attributed to the defendants and request a sentence for them.

As Denis Sugrobov’s lawyer Eduard Esetsky admitted in a conversation with Kommersant, he understands that the position of the line of defense will be critically perceived, since the entire proceedings were of accusatory nature. To prove his words, the lawyer noted that during the proceedings, the court rejected 95% of applications filed by the line of defense, while almost 98% of the prosecution’s appeals were satisfied. The lawyer looked forward to the fairness of the trial proceedings; according to him, “if the court is guided by the letter of the law and nothing else, the defendants will be acquitted.”

Sugrobov’s defense has prepared almost 4 volumes of materials (800 sheets) to be read before the court. According to the lawyers, it will take about 1-2 days for the state prosecutor to present his statement. It is possible that 30 people – the victims in the Sugrobov case – will speak during the deliberations.

Let us recall that apart from Denis Sugrobov, there are 8 defendants in the dock. They include one businessman and seven former heads of departments, divisions, and operatives of the GUEBiPK. As Kommersant notes, all the defendants have filed written applications for personal participation in the deliberations. None of them have pleaded guilty in the alleged offences.

The late ex-deputy of Denis Sugrobov Boris Kolesnikov is also a defendant in the case. Under the official version, he committed suicide by jumping from the window of the Investigative Committee’s building. Kolesnikov’s family denies his guilt, subsequently refusing to dismiss the case for non-rehabilitation circumstances. Lawyer Sergey Chizhikov will represent the interests of the deceased.

Погибший зам Дениса Сугробова Борис Колесников

Boris Kolesnikov

The defendants are accused of 21 crime episodes under the following articles of the Russian Criminal Code: Art. 210 (Creation of a Criminal Community (Criminal Organisation) and Participation Therein), Art. 286 (Exceeding Official Powers) and Art. 304 (Provocation of a Bribe).

Hearing in the case of Sugrobov has been held behind closed doors in the Moscow City Court for 9 months. In 2014, 13 police officers were detained. Sugrobov was detained in May 2014; later, he was placed under arrest by decision of the Basmanny Court. A criminal case was initiated following a sting operation carried out by GUEBiPK officers, which they had attempted to conduct against a senior FSB Internal Security Directorate officer Igor Demin. The operation was to transfer him 10 thousand dollars through shell businessmen in exchange for the protection of their business.

In October, it was announced that the European Court of Human Rights handled Sugrobov’s complaint against his prolonged detention in the pre-trial detention center. According to the former police officer, he has been in custody since May 2014, despite the possibility of imposing a milder preventive measure.



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