Strip club was favorite place for Nikandrov, Lamonov and Maksimenko to gather

Strip club was favorite place for Nikandrov, Lamonov and Maksimenko to gather
Senior officials of the Russian Investigative Committee regularly came to a strip club after work.

It transpired where and in what conditions the senior IC officials discussed corruption schemes.

One of the favorite places to gather and discuss current issues of the now arrested senior officials of the ICR was the Penthouse strip club on Novy Arbat in Moscow. According to a source of  Life, the venue was not chosen by chance: the club is located near the building of the Investigation Directorate in Moscow on the Serebryany Lane, it is always noisy and twilight prevails in there. Denis Nikandrov, Mikhail Maksimenko and Alexander Lamonov regularly visited the strip club after work. According to a source of Life, in the spring of 2016, the Head of the ICR inter-agency cooperation and private security Mikhail Maksimenko went on a rampage because of the dancer he liked. However, the security of the club was able to calm him down.

In addition, the frequent meeting place for the accused in bribery of employees of the Investigative Committee, was an elite fish restaurant La Marée on the Malaya Gruzinskaya Street. Here, eating exclusive delicacies the corrupt cops, in addition to discussing work, met with their clients.

Another gathering place was Maksimenko’s service apartment. Occupying a high position, he had access to confidential proprietary information. Therefore, the ICR senior official was under the constant protection of the state. His apartment was under surveillance of special services for his own benefit as well. And Nikandrov, Maksimenko and Lamonov knew about it. Nevertheless, they were discussing corruption schemes without hiding it. Obviously, they were hoping for protection from above or were confident in their own untouchability. However, employees of the FSB Department M, while listening to their conversations, gathered an impressive amount of incriminating evidence.

The Head of the ICR Main Directorate of inter-agency cooperation and private security Mikhail Maksimenko, along with his deputy Alexander Lamonov and the first Deputy Head of the ICR Main Investigative Directorate for Moscow Denis Nikandrov are suspected of patronage and receiving bribes in the amount of $1 million from one of the most influential thieves in law - Shakro Molodoy. In addition, they are suspected of ruining of many criminal cases, protection racket and extortion.



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