Strings of Zakharchenko case pulled big business 

Strings of Zakharchenko case pulled big business
Dmitry Zakharchenko

How Zakhar Kalashov (kingpin Shakro Molodoy), the billionaire Colonel Dmitry Zakharchenko, the Deputy Head of the Investigative Committee’s Main Investigative Directorate Denis Nikandrov and his accomplices, the Mechel company, the Ananyev brothers’ Promsvyazbank, the co-founder of Boxing Academy and the owner ORC Chetyre sezona (Four seasons) Timofey Kurgin and the former State Duma Deputy Vadim Varshavsky are connected.

So, the quarrel of the two secular Moscow ladies – Joanna Kim, the owner of a high-end restaurant of Korean cuisine on Trekhgorka called Elements and the designer Fatima Misikova – which ended in sensational arrests of the top officials of the Russian Investigative Committee, can have far-reaching consequences, the magazine Versiya reported.

According to some reports, wrote the publication earlier, investigators have already related the Colonel Zakharchenko to Shakro’s girlfriend, the designer Fatima Misikova.

According to Rosbalt’s source, the MIA officer, using his professional connections, learned about the course of operational work on the given situation and leaked information to Misikova. When the question about her arrest was raised, Zakharchenko notified his friend about it. After that, her family staged the death of Fatima – they identified their relative in the burnt corpse. Misikova herself went abroad. Tracking her departure was not possible, because, as it turned out, she used documents in two names Misikova and Tuaeva. Long time after this, the investigators learned that the deceased is alive and well. In July 2016, she was placed on the wanted list, the court ruled out on her arrest in absentia.

We can say that Fatima Misikova is a femme fatale both to the mafia boss, and to Zakharchenko.

It is known, the quarrel of the two ladies turned into a bloody shootout on Rochdelskaya Street.

According to law enforcement, it was Misikova, who complained to her close friend and thief in law Zakhar Kalashov, that the owner of the restaurant Elements Joanna Kim allegedly underpaid her 8 million rubles for the venue’s interior design. Kalashov sent the authority Andrey Kochuykov (the Italian) to solve the problem. He arrived in the restaurant accompanied by several dozen militants and began demanding to reregister the entire venue on third parties, remind Rosbalt. Kim's lawyer Eduard Budantsev and some of his staff came to her defense. All of this led to the slaughter, in which two people died.

According to the investigators, the ICR employees are involved in obtaining money from the kingpin for releasing the Italian, who was detained almost immediately after the massacre at the restaurant. As a result, the Lefortovo Court of Moscow arrested the Deputy Head of the Main Investigation Department of the Investigative Committee of Russia in Moscow General Denis Nikandrov, the Head of the ICR Internal Security Directorate Mikhail Maksimenko and his deputy Alexander Lamonov until September 15.

By the way, it is possible that the arrest of senior GSU officers caused the headline resignation of the First Deputy Head of the FSB’s Internal Security Directorate (USB) General Oleg Feoktistov, Versiya wrote. The General Feoktistov became known to the public during the resonant criminal cases of Tri Kita (smuggling of furniture) and Chinese contraband entering the warehouse 54729 of the FSB Office of Logistics. Rumor has it that the General personally supervised the detention of the General Administration for Economic Security and Combatting the Corruption (GUEBiPK) the Chief of the Russian MIA Lieutenant General Denis Sugrobov and his deputy, the Major-General Borys Kolesnikov. The General Feoktistov’s subordinates detained the Sakhalin Region Governor Alexander Khoroshavin, the Head of the Komi Republic Vyacheslav Gaizer, the Mayor of Vladivostok Igor Pushkarev and the former Governor of the Kirov Region Nikita Belykh. Nevertheless, the powerful Feoktistov was dismissed. Why?

According to the first version, the publication writes, the General is a close friend of the Head of the Investigative Committee’s CSS Mikhail Maksimenko, the one, who was arrested in the case of the shootout on Rochdelskaya. Moreover, according to some sources, it was Feoktistov, who supervised the special officers from the ICR and even personally recommended Maksimenko for the post of the Head of the Directorate. This cost Oleg Feoktistov his position.

However, the strings keep going further. It turns out that both the arrests of Zakhar Kalashov and Dmitry Zakharchenko will greatly affect the domestic business community.

False mirror of national business

Here, we will not talk about Nota-Bank, or VimpelCom, or the Bashneft.

According to some experts, up to ten percent of the main superprofitable business sectors, one way or another, was related to Kalashov and his people. Legal business, of course, Versiya wrote.

Suffice it to recall the recent story of the plant, which, afterwards entered the steel giant Mechel, and the workers of which have not get paid for months. It is to be recalled that in 2008, the Russian President Vladimir Putin personally "called the doctor" for Mechel. It is possible that a well-known businessman with a controversial reputation, the former Deputy and the co-owner of the group Estar Vadim Varshavsky had his finger in the pie of Mechel’s complexities.

Вадим Варшавский

Photo: Vadim Varshavsky

It is to be recalled that on the eve of the crisis of 2008-2009, Estar belonged to a number of metallurgical enterprises in the Urals and Ukraine. And in 2015, Varshavsky, as the Izvestia newspaper wrote, appealed to the metropolitan court with a lawsuit against the JSC Mechel on the establishment of property rights to its subsidiary, the Cyprus company Daveze Ltd.

As Versiya writes, "Varshavsky’s non-transparent and adventurous business management put the strategic enterprise on the brink of bankruptcy, which was only prevented by the personal intervention of the Government. Varshavsky, in 2016, once again found himself in a critical situation. He was facing bankruptcy, urgently needed money, which, given the reputation of the businessman, no one gave to him. And suddenly Varshavsky received a loan. As media wrote, "one way or another, only two banks entrust Varshavsky with money: state Rosselkhozbank and Promsvyazbank of the Ananiev’s brothers.

Братья Ананьевы

Photo: the Ananievs brothers

Perhaps the connection between the Ananyevs’ Promsvyazbank and the criminal authority is just a coincidence. But, of course, it is an interesting one, and, as Versiya continues, facts are stubborn. Recently, the Ananiev brothers got involved in yet another scandal, a very public one. Earlier this year, it transpired that the core of the Ananyevs’ business empire – the same PSB – may be on the road to bankruptcy. According to the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS), it has suffered a loss of 16.4 billion rubles.

Experts began to wonder how this could happen. According to some media, the real version is the incompetence of the bank's management, compounded by the realization the quite questionable projects, the purpose of which seems to be exclusively the Ananyevs brothers personal enrichment. As an example, the agency Rosbalt brings the story of a hostile takeover of Ramfud engaged in the production and sale of pork by PSB.

And it turns out that PSB’s authorized person, who also deals with Varshavsky’s problem, is some Timofey Kurgin, who, as the media wrote, owns a food market in Moscow. It is him and the Ananiev brothers who own two wholesale distribution centers (ORC) of long-term food storage in the Moscow Region with the capacity of more than 1.5 million tons per year each. These ORC are called Four Seasons.

It is noteworthy that one of the managers of the second monopoly – the company Food City of the billionaires God Nisanov and Zarakh Iliev – is still none other than Kurgin’s old friend Shakro Molodoy, reminded us Versiya.

But this topic takes us into a scandal with the vegetable warehouse called Biryulyovo, after which the redistribution of the market is carried out up to this day. Forbes writes about it in a curious way: it features both the Ananievs with the holding Promsvyazcapital, and Timofey Kurgin’s Mosselprom-Domodedovo.

Тимофей Кургин

Photo: Timofey Kurgin

In turn, writes Versiya, the ORCs are on the balance of Finans Invest LLC. This company is owned by three shareholders: the Cyprus Iontis Investments and Contirta Holding both have 47.17% in it, and another 5.66% belong to Russian Terra Invest. All three owners of Finans Invest are owned by another Cyprus company Jakardis Holdings, which, in turn, belongs to Saltinnes from the British Virgin Islands. Timofey Kurgin states that Four Seasons on a parity basis belongs to him and Promsvyazkapital of Alexey and Dmitry Ananyevs. In a number of informational resources, Kurgin is mentioned as the CEO of Finans Invest. Also Timofey Kurgin is a shareholder of Mosselprom-Domodedovo. In February 2014, the Ananievs and Kurgin purchased the company Finansinvest, which managed to build, on the site near Moscow, two warehouse complex of 43 000 sq. m. on 19 hectares land, from the structures of OFK Bank. The new owners have registered Mosselprom-Domodedovo as the management company for this project and increased the land area to 30 hectares.

Who was Kurgin after all? According to one biography, Timofey Kurgin is a prominent Russian businessman, co-founder of the Boxing Academy and the President of the National Association of Timbermen. However, that image he created himself, as suggested by Krivoye Zerkalo (False mirror), by persuading Yandex "to clean up the past", exercising the right to be forgotten. However, another biography tells us that Teimuraz or Timur Kurgin narrowly escaped punishment for murder of the State Duma Deputy Sergei Skorochkin in 1995.

The episode of the TV project the CrimeRussia called The Murder of the Deputy Skorochkin, wrote Antikor1, is taken from YouTUBE. On the 20th minute Alexey Yevseev’s comments tells about the role of Timur (Timofey - Ed.) in the murder of the Deputy Skorochkin.

In this video, Aleksey Yevseyev tells of some Timur, who was involved in the murder of Sergey Skorochkin, and on 21:46, the video shows the picture of a young Timofey Kurgin (Timofey and Timur – are the same person - Ed.). Thus, the version of Kurgin’s involvement in the murder of Skorochkin not only cannot be excluded, but, on the contrary, is possible to be recognized as the main", - the publication said.

As Kommersant wrote, the Moscow Regional Prosecutor's Office found that the murder of Skorochkin was organized by Moscow mafia boss Oleg Lipkin. The Deputy was kidnapped at the bar, tortured, taken to the forest and killed. The reason ostensibly became the money the businessman owed and did not want to give the Deputy. In the abduction of Skorochkin from the bar, as was established by the prosecutors, the son of the former boss of the Ramenskoye Department of Internal Affairs Teimuraz Kurgin was taking part.

As Versiya wrote, Kurgin served in prison for several years. He was justified by jury several times. As a result, in 2005 the case was terminated due to the statutes of limitations. According to the journalists, Kurgin, during this time, managed to develop close relationships with the leaders of the Russian underworld. In particular, he was for a while in the same cell with Shakro Molodoy, and the latter even wanted to crown him as the kingpin. But Kurgin also had another patron, the now deceased head of the Orekhovskaya OCG Sergey Timofeev, more commonly known as Sylvester. And they say it was Sylvester who advised the young criminal not to go deep into the underworld, but engage in legal business. Apparently, Timofey Kurgin heeded the piece of advice, refused to be crowned, and after his release began to live the life of an honest man.

However, it transpired, Antikor1 wrote, that "Timofey Kurgin is suspected of having links with the management of the State Corporation Rostech which supports a number of initiatives of the co-founder of Boxing Academy.

For example, in December 2015, Kurgin was the organizer of the event, when the legendary American boxer Floyd Mayweather was training publicly directly in the concert hall Russia. So, in the organization of this event took part the Russian Timber Group, in which Kurgin is a shareholder, and state corporation Rostekh. And on March 5, 2016 in Moscow, at the MCU Druzhba (Friendship), a meeting of boxing between the youth teams of Russia and Cuba took place. The sports activities were organized by the Boxing Academy and the Boxing Federation of Russia, with the support of Russian Timber Group and the corporation Rostekh.

The story gets more interesting, the investigation works, but life goes on. And, as it transpired, Shakro Molodoy’s confidant, the kingpin Avtandil Kobeshavidze, better known as Avto, in Yekaterinburg, crowns a new kingpin.



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