Stavropol region MIA found no violations in developer giving out flats to policemen 

Stavropol region MIA found no violations in developer giving out flats to policemen

The scandalous real estate developer YugStroyInvest openly admits granting regular assistance to officers of the Main Department of Internal Affairs in the form of donation of apartments. At the same time, there has been a number of attacks on people who tried to fight the illegal actions of the construction company.⁠

Replying to Novaya Gazeta’s question, the Stavropol Region Department of Internal Affairs officially reported that there are no violations in the fact that the developer YugStroyInvest gives out apartments to police officers. 

Earlier, the publication had asked that the information  contained on the construction company’s website be checked. On the website, it is said that the company “annually provides assistance to those officers of the Main Department of Internal Affairs who need housing in the form of gratuitous transfer of apartments.”

After that, on June 28, Novaya Gazeta’s editorial office received a call from a police officer who asked to provide links, which mentioned free apartments for policemen. On Monday morning, July 3, the Ministry of Internal Affairs sent an official response. 

“The verification of the lawfulness of actions committed by officers of the Main Department of Internal Affairs of Russia in the Stavropol region revealed no violations,” Head of the Operations and Search Division of the MIA General Administration Internal Security Department in Stavropol region Konstantin Borodin said.

At the same time, in accordance with Art. 575 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation, government officials may not accept gifts worth over 3000 rubles ($50). In the event that a gift is given in connection with the performance of official duties, it may not be accepted at all (Art. 12.1 of the Federal Law ‘On Combating Corruption’). Under Art. 25 of the Federal Law On Police, police officers are civil servants. And they receive the apartments from YugStroyInvest as police officers. And the cost of apartments from this developer starts at 1.039.500 rubles ($17.3 thousand). 

Earlier, blogger Ilya Varlamov had accused the company's employees of attacking him. Being poured with brilliant green and sprinkled with flour on April 26, 2017, he was accompanied by Deputy of the City Duma of Stavropol and Deputy Director General of YugStroyInvest Sergey Medvedev.  

Three days after Varlamov's visit to Stavropol, the regional MIA General Administration reported the capture of “all attackers on the blogger.” It turned out they were local residents charged with Disorderly Conduct (part 1 of Art. 20.1 of the Russian Administrative Code). By decision of the Oktyabrsky District Court, two assailants were sentenced to administrative arrest for two days. Others were sentenced to a fine of 500 rubles ($8.3) by the Promyshlenny District Court. Ilya Varlamov was dissatisfied with the punishment and intends to seek criminal proceedings.

Нападение на Варламова

Ilya Varlamov

Then it turned out that the blogger got off easy with his unflattering statements about the city. In 2014, YugStroyInvest’s guards opened fire with a traumatic pistol on a student Ivan Barylyak, who required to lower the unreasonably high utility bills. During one of the meetings, he began to argue with Director of Comfort Servis Managing Company (part of YugStroyInvest) Dmitry Popov. The verbal skirmish turned into a fight. It resulted in Barylyak being charged with Hooliganism (part 2 of Art. 213 of the Russian Criminal Code), Intentional Infliction of Light Injury (Art. 115), and Battery (Art. 116). Eventually, he was sentenced to 3.5 years in a strict-regime colony. The police could not find the men who fired at Barylyak. The residents did not succeed at achieving reduced fees utilities, despite the demand of the Prosecutor's Office.

Иван Барыляк

Ivan Barylyak

Another Stavropol local fighting with YugStroyInvest has been beaten. Ecologist Grigory Pinchuk was able to collect documents on the developer's receipt of 54 hectares of land in Russky Les Reserve (Russian Forest). November 3, 2010, unknown persons beat him unconscious with brass knuckles. At the same time, no valuable items were stolen from Pinchuk except documents on illegal logging. No one took responsibility for the attack on the activist. YugStroyInvest has built Usadba Elite Complex of six palazzo palaces On the lands of Russky Les. However, the Usadba is not mentioned on the developer’s website. The palaces-palazzos are sold on the websites of real estate agencies with the indication of the developer’s name.

Юрий Иванов

Director General of YugStroyInvest Group of Companies Yury Ivanov

In response to Novaya Gazeta’s question about comments on the attacks on Varlamov, Pinchuk, and Barylyak, YugStroyInvest representatives said that neither the developer, nor his employees have had anything to do with the attacks. The publication’s editorial office turned to Russian MIA Head Vladimir Kolokoltsev with a request to take control over the investigation into the criminal cases on the attacks. In addition, it asked to assess the donation of apartments by the construction company to officers of the Stavropol MIA General Administration.




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