State order for two. Will case of vice governor of Vladimir Region be limited by one charge? 

State order for two. Will case of vice governor of Vladimir Region be limited by one charge?
Elena Mazanko became the second significant person from Orlova's team against whom criminal case is brought Photo: The CrimeRussia

Small calm in juicy corruption scandal in the Vladimir region. The vice governor of the region Elena Mazanko accused of taking a bribe will stay under house arrest until August 1.

The decision is made by Basmanny Court of Moscow, contrary to insistance of the investigation to send the official to the pre-trial detention center so that, being at large, she had no opportunity to influence witnesses and other persons involved in criminal case, and also to destroy documents necessary for the investigation. According to court and state charge, the fears are not groundless. Thus, first of all, all documents on the case are already withdrawn, and secondly, Elena Mazanko who does not admit her guilt has a serious disease.

Not only the vice governor accused of a bribe does not admit her guilt in the incident. Also her direct chief does not believe in fault of his subordinate. The head of the region Svetlana Orlova has learned about Elena Mazanko's detention on the way home from the St. Petersburg economic forum and right there announced it a provocation from the side of certain forces which are interested in destabilization of a situation in the region her control. Orlova still adheres to a position that her subordinate controlling work of department of the property and land relations, financial management and management on socioeconomic providing the region is the responsible and effective manager working only for the good of the region. As the governor Orlova told local media: “This all is provocation. She did not take any bribes… We approved the last law on which distribution of lands was taken away on regional level, while there was a complete mess when she came. Large families had not been provided with the earth, the mess was full with property, we brought order, and the interests there are very big”. Most likely, Orlova considers that certain representatives of these ‘big interests’ also have made the order on Mazanko to law-enforcement structures. The investigation takes opposite governor's a position – Mazanko pursued especially personal financial interests, on which she has burned.

Елену Мазанько ведут в зал суда

Elena Mazanko is conducted to the courtroom

So, how was the governor caught? Elena Mazanko is incriminated receiving from businessmen not less than 3 million rubles for assistance to the conclusion of state contracts for carrying out repair in the building of regional administration and delivery of furniture. And, it is about the contract for state procurements concluded in 2014. Charge on two episodes of taking bribe is brought to the official, in it she is exposed by the persons interrogated within the case. Mazanko has promoted ‘providing a prize of a competition’ to the businessmen. At the same time she did not extort a bribe directly for it, she also did not refuse when bribers decided to convey her three-million thanks in a ruble equivalent. The vice governor does not admit her guilt in the brought charge. By the way, in April of last year Svetlana Orlova charged to Elena Mazanko to draft the ethical code for all participants of the procedure of government procurement. About performance of this assignment it was not reported. Probably, with observance of questions of ethics in this direction in the Vladimir Region the situation is difficult as for the last few years several scandals with state procurements became known to the public. And practically in all of them Mazanko had to justify herself.

Thus, in September, 2016 the department of the property and land relations declared holding the competition ‘On Rendering Services of Hot Clinical Nutrition of Patients of Kolchuginsky Central District Hospital’. The maximum contract value - more than 21 million rubles. The winner undertook function on catering services of all patients of the largest regional hospital until the end of 2017. Three firms have submitted applications for a competition. Two Kirov (local media more than once did assumptions of their affiliation: on competitions of other CDHs of the Vladimir Region they are steadily declared by couple, and win in turn). The plant of food of Sudogodets which is recently formed in the region was the third firm. The Kirov firms in case of a victory agreed to serve the contract only for the maximum sum – 21 million, Sudogodets employees ‘threw off’ the contract 4 million rubles at once and agreed to feed patients of clinic for only 17 million. But the competition has not taken place. Sudogodets was not allowed to participation as in the tender documentation experience of work in this sphere was the main condition. Thus, according to lawyers of firm, the department and clinic ‘monopolized’ branch and deliberately arranged terms of trade under the checked firms from the neighboring region. By the way, right after Sudogodets was eliminated, one of the Kirov firms was withdrawn from the auctions, and on an uncontested basis the ‘lot’ went to the only remained participant, the second Kirov private firm – LLC Zdorovoye pitaniye. Lawyers of Sudogodts, having suspected that the tender documentation was deliberately written under the potential winner (at least, the department has nearly literally written off the staff list of the enterprise at future winner from the staff list of Zdorovoye pitaniye ) and that the customer initially was not interested in saving 4 budgetary millions, addressed the Administration of the Federal Antimonopoly Service (AFAS).

The commission of regional government of FAS Russia under the chairmanship of Maxim Fomin, the deputy head of management ‑ the head of department of control of state procurements, considered this address several days later after its receiving. Some claims of the applicant to drawing up the tender documentation by experts of Kolchuginsky CDH are recognized reasonable (mostly on formal grounds compliances to the legislation), however, as the hospital has already concluded the contract with the winner of the competition announced earlier and this contract is carried out), FAS has not taken any instructions about elimination of violations.

Nevertheless, anti-monopolists have rendered a verdict that the customer (Kolchuginsky CDH) violated requirements of part 9 of article 32 of the law on contract system in the sphere of purchases that gave a reason to the firm which is thrown out from the auction to appeal to arbitration court for cancellation of results of a competition.

In parallel with this state procurement in the Vladimir Region there was one more registered, which was also more than strange. It is about a competition on providing Sibinsky Central regional hospital with food. For the right to feed its patients until the end of 2018 (by calculations of the customer – 123778 bed-days) two main competitors – LLC VKZ Trading House and LLC Klyazma-tur argued. The initial (maximum) price of the contract equaled to 23 million 127 thousand rubles. VKZ undertook to execute the contract for 17 million 974 thousand. The second party was ready to make it for 180 rubles. And it is not a mistake - information from the website of state procurements is the confirmation. As most of all points were charged to the one who will offer the minimum contract value, as the winner was recognized Klyazma tour (the director – well-known Sergey Kartashov in the city, son of the head of the REGISTRY OFFICE Galina Kartashova). This structure already supplies food to the Vladimir hospital. The absurd price – 0,14 ruble for one patient a day of the competition did not confuse any of the organizers.

At one of press conferences held soon after publication of results of this, to put it mildly, doubtful competition, Elena Mazanko on a question – how could this become possible, answered: “Formation of initial maximum price, a way – it is established by the customer. The antimonopoly service can be responsible for the customer. I can not be responsible for the customer, I am an authorized officer. I can tell you how the procedure was carried out, how the auction was carried out, why was not it recognize, by what criteria it was decided. When there is a question on the auction and the food service is bought, the volume of purchase is unknown therefore the food unit of value on one person is put up for sale. Another matter if production is low-quality, then no kopek from the budget will be liquidated”. That is, by her answer Mazanko in clear read the recommendation to the winner in case of attempts of cancellation of results of a competition to present contract value to 180 rubles as daily allocated for everyone, needing food patient, mistakenly submitted for the sum within whole on all period of validity of the contract. But in this case, if to count the application of VKZ Trading house for one person, then the price will turn out less, than at the winner of a competition of Klyazma tour. That is, again minus to the budget of the region in the transaction controlled by Elena Mazanko's department.

But, perhaps, case of the ‘golden toilet brush’ became the largest scandal, apart from charge of corruption, in a stage of the biography of Elena Mazanko in a field of one of the first heads of the Vladimir Region.


Elena Mazanko was born in the city of Novokuznetsk. In 1988 graduated from the Kuzbass polytechnical institute, in 1995 – the Moscow commercial university. She began her work in 1988 as the mining operations engineer of the mine Northern Maganak in the city of Prokopyevsk. In 1992 passed to work into city administration of Prokopyevsk. 1996 for 1997 – the head of department of the wholesale food markets in branch of Federal food corporation across the Kemerovo Region. In October, 1998 came to Administration of the region to a position of the deputy chief of department of trade. Since August, 2001 - the head of the department of the consumer market and business. In 2009 - 2010 held a position of the deputy governor of Kuzbass on support and development of business. She started to work in administration of the Vladimir Region on July 2, 2013. In November, 2016 held a position of the deputy governor of the Vladimir Region on the property and land relations. Also supervised the questions connected with government procurement.

In August, 2016 Mazanko as the director of the department of the property and land relations, and also the curator of state procurements for needs of administration, was ‘lit’ in scandalous purchase of furniture by extrabudgetary funds for the sum of about 3 million rubles. At the end of June the electronic auction took place, the LLC Construction Management RST company (the only participant of an auction) delivered to administration 21 luxury goods. Namely: a bed from the massif of a beech for 344 thousand rubles, a mattress – for 99 thousand, a three-door case from the massif of a beech and a linden with finishing from ivory for 606 thousand rubles, a dressing table for 264 thousand, a mirror in a wooden frame, a padded stool, the holder washed, the metal shelf in shower and the brush for a toilet bowl for 23 thousand rubles. Judging by the list of the acquired goods, the interior, obviously, was calculated on the hotel room. The official called this order an “absolutely ordinary purchase”. Literally: “It is an absolutely ordinary purchase on which, frankly speaking, I do not even want to expatiate because everything, as for state budgetary institution, we carry out strategic objectives. When there is a protection of the state task. Here then we sit down and defined. Here it was about purchase from non-budgetary sources. Where, what and how - it is necessary to ask these questions directly to the head of the budgetary institution”.

After the scandal, governor Svetlana Orlova personally disposed to dissolve the contract, both the brush and other home decoration have returned to the supplier. Also for the transaction compromising administration the reprimand — not to Mazanko, but the head of establishment purchaser Natalya Melnik was issued the official.

Визит Владимира Путина во Владимирскую область

Vladimir Putin's visit to the Vladimir Region

By the way, the interesting tendency was outlined in system of state procurements in the Vladimir Region with arrival of Elena Mazanko there. Local Vladimir media claimed more than once that the vice governor arranges state procurements under the companies from her native region, - Kuzbass: one of them received the order for the ill-fated ‘golden brush’. Mazanko did not deny the information but emphasized that the Kemerovo companies in three years have got orders for 111 million rubles (the truth, local journalists counted that only contracts for needs of local White House by August, 2016 have exceeded 113 million rubles) at the general expenses of more than in 60 billion. However, since the power in the Vladimir Region changed ( Svetlana Orlova who received the permit in big-time politics thanks to the governor of Kuzbass Aman Tuleyev is at the helm) the Kemerovo firms began to appear in state procurements even more often. As of 2016 the administration of the Vladimir Region used services of LLC SU RST (it is re-registered in Novosibirsk, was registered in Kemerovo before), the Kemerovo LLC TSK Aktivstroyinvest which received the contract for repair of the hall of meetings in region administration for 28,6 million rubles, and LLC Stroygarant (it is registered in Moscow, but activity conducts in Kemerovo). LLC Stroygarant was caught on requisites in which the phone number with the Kemerovo code was specified. At the same time, all these companies are in a stage of elimination and have bad reputation. Thus, for example, LLC SU RST was preceded by the company with similar name SK Remstroytorg (the same founders and heads) and it appears in 69 definitions of arbitration courts. Essences of disputes – from inadequate performance of contracts for construction works before contest of decisions of Federal Antimonopoly Service of the Russian Federation. But heads of the Vladimir Region as natives of Kemerovo, nevertheless have got the financial relations with the Kuzbass companies. It is not excluded that criminal case about a bribe concerning the vice governor Mazanko is connected with some of these firms. Investigators consider that bribes have been got from businessmen for assistance in the conclusion of state contracts for repair work in the building of regional administration and delivery of furniture. Above-mentioned Kemerovo firms in Vladimir were also engaged in it.

And now Elena Mazanko also is under examination. And, she became the second significant person from Orlova's team concerning whom criminal case is brought. In October of last year the former deputy governor on construction Dmitry Hvostov who has become subsequently the person involved in four criminal cases about taking bribes on especially large scale was detained. Hvostov has got the last bribe incriminated to him in 800 thousand rubles for protection of a businessman. More precisely, the deputy governor promised to promote in decision-making in favor of one of the businessmen of the Vladimir Region at the level of officials of administration of Vladimir and administration of the Vladimir Region. Earlier concerning Dmitry Hvostov three criminal cases were brought. In the first case the investigation believes that Hvostov received 1,4 million rubles for the help in that a social object which the civil engineering firm had to build at own expense was constructed on money of the budget. In the second case it is about a bribe in 2,2 million for the help in the approval of the site planning of the territory of building of a southwest part of Vladimir. The third criminal case was brought in December, 2016. The investigation reported that it suspects Hvostov of taking a bribe already of 12 million rubles. For this money he allegedly promised to influence decisions of municipal authorities in favor of the businessman. Thus, the sum of all four bribes is equal to 16,4 million rubles. Dmitry Hvostov was Svetlana Orlova's deputy from 2013 to September, 2016. He left his position at own will. Literally in several weeks after his dismissal it became known of the first criminal case. At the same time Svetlana Orlova declared that Hvostov has left the post because of failure to meet time constraints of construction of several objects, important for area. Later in the Investigation Directorate of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation across the Vladimir Region told that Svetlana Orlova learned about criminal cases concerning the deputy in one day with journalists. All bribes, according to the investigation, are got by him also, as well as in a case with Elena Mazanko, in 2014.

Дмитрий Хвостов

Dmitry Hvostov

In Hvostov and Mazanko's stories, besides time of taking bribes, there is one more general moment. Both officials are Varangians for the Vladimir Region, and both are put at a position by Svetlana Orlova. This fact, rather regrettable for her, as points to some failures in personnel policy of the head of the region. On the other hand – was there in Russia at least one region where the official did not become the person involved in corruption scandal? Now just absence in the region of similar criminal cases can guard, it can only be treated as the arrangement with security officers and kickback by him on that have closed eyes to frauds.

Meanwhile, Elena Mazanko's husband is seriously concerned about the future. Arrest of the spouse can affect also his career: now he holds a post of the head of the Vladimir representative office of the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation. Due to the latest events Aleksander Mazanko left on sick leave.



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