State may appropriate Zakharchenko's seized billions before sentencing

State may appropriate Zakharchenko's seized billions before sentencing
Dmitry Zakharchenko Photo: RIA Novosti / Mikhail Voskresensky

Now, the money found at the MIA GUEBiPK former employee "lies idle" in bank’s accounts.

Billions seized at corrupt MIA Colonel Dmitry Zakharchenko may be transferred to the federal budget until the final court decision. RIA Novosti quoted Head of the Federal Treasury Department in Moscow Andrey Gurovich.

According to him, the Treasury together with the Moscow City Court and the Prosecutor's Office began testing the mechanism of transfer of seized during investigations funds in state revenue before the court decision. Since the beginning of the program about 4 billion rubles have been listed to the budget.

At the moment, the federal Treasury Department is working hard to enroll all the money found within framework of the Zakharchenko's case in the federal budget.

"We hope that we will succeed,” – Gurovich said.

Gurovich noted that, as a rule, the money seized in criminal cases "lies idle" in bank accounts or in deposit boxes for years. Moreover, the Treasury is ready to return funds if the court reaches an appropriate decision.

Earlier, Federation Council Speaker Valentina Matvienko proposed to use withdrawn from corruptionists money for charitable purposes.

Recall, Dmitry Zakharchenko was taken into custody in early September of this year. During a search there were seized cash in various currencies totaling 8.5 billion rubles. The defendant claims that the apartment, where the confiscated money was found, belongs to his sister, and about the origin of the money he knows nothing. In addition, on the name of the Zakharchenko’s father, Viktor, according to media reports, several accounts in Swiss banks, the total amount on which is about 300 million euros, are registered. Colonel Zakharchenko is accused of taking bribes in the amount of 7 million rubles. In addition, the Colonel is accused of abuse of official powers and obstruction of justice. In November, as it became known, certain third parties’ accounts for a total amount of $ 16 million were arrested. It was noted that these accounts were opened after the arrest of the Colonel.



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