Stanislav Ivanov faces arrest: Leningrad Region prosecutors behave like local folks up top

Stanislav Ivanov faces arrest: Leningrad Region prosecutors behave like local folks up top
The Leningrad Region Prosecutor Stanislav Ivanov in the Slantsevsky district

There is no official information on results of the mass inspection of the Leningrad Region Prosecutor General’s Office yet, but three regional prosecutors have already been dismissed. Stanislav Ivanov is expected to be arrested, as soon as he is released from a hospital.

The investigation is going to arrest the former Prosecutor of the Leningrad Region Stanislav Ivanov under the charges of accepting a bribe of 20 million rubles. According to the CrimeRussia source, the Prosecutor has not been detained yet, as he is currently in a hospital.  

The fact that the Prosecutor has serious health problems became known after he was put in the Institute of Pediatric Oncology, Hematology and Transplantation n.a. R.M. Gorbachev. According to the media reports, doctors found acute leukemia of Stanislav Ivanov‘s blood. He was put in the hospital shortly after deplorable results of the Prosecutor General's Office inspection, held in St. Petersburg in the end of September 2016. Later, on October 21, Ivanov wrote a resignation letter to the President Vladimir Putin. Now it became known that Ivanov was dismissed due to "violation of the Prosecutor’s oath and performing a deed, discrediting honor of a Prosecutor." Representative of the supervisory department Alexander Kurennoy said that the Prosecutor General's Office would afford law enforcement agencies the greatest measure of assistance in connection with the case of multi-million dollar bribery against the ex-Prosecutor of the Leningrad Region.

The fact that the Prosecutor General's Office was aware of Stanislav Ivanov’s corrupt activities is confirmed by urgent certification of one of the Siberian prosecutors for his further transfer to the Leningrad Region, according to Omsk media.

Earlier, it became known that two businessmen arrested on suspicion of large-scale swindling (the Chairman of the Leningrad Region waste management company’s Board of Directors Alexey Varichev and a certain Semen Kuzmin) gave testimony against Ivanov to the FSB Economic Security Department in St. Petersburg and the Leningrad Region.

In addition, three regional prosecutors have been dismissed as a result of the Prosecutor General's Office inspection. In particular, the Vyborgsky district Prosecutor Oleg Minaev, the Luga town Prosecutor Sergey Gromyko and Vsevolozhsky district Prosecutor Igor Chernov have lost their posts.

Their unexpected and voluntary retirement suspiciously coincided with the arrival of the Prosecutor General’s Office inspection staff. Some sources reported, their retirement might directly be connected with the Leningrad Region Prosecutor’s case. It was also reported, that the prosecutors of the Leningrad Region behaved like local folks up top, controlling business and dealing with criminal circles. It seems, the mentioned resignations are not the last in the Leningrad Region.



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