St. Petersburg Transport Committee searched due to Garyugin’s case

St. Petersburg Transport Committee searched due to Garyugin’s case
Vladimir Garyugin

The FSB and ICR in the Leningrad region conducted a search and seizure of documents in the Transport Committee on Ispolkomskaya street in St. Petersburg.

According to Fontanka, citing a source in law enforcement, the seizure of documents held by the previously instituted criminal case related to the construction of the subway station hall Admiralteiskaya.

The St. Petersburg Metro is suspected of illegal exemption from obligations of the construction investor, CJSC Sovetnik, from the Admiralteiskaya station foundation construction’s payment. The main person involved in this case is the Head of the St. Petersburg Metro Vladimir Garyugin.

According to the Chamber of Control and Accounts, the audit of which served as the basis of the criminal case, the budget was caused loss amounting to 466 million rubles. In January 2015 legal proceedings were instituted under article Abuse of Official Powers. The 2nd Division of the St. Petersburg Investigative Department MID ICR investigated this case.

Sovetnik’s investments in the construction were to be no less than 500 million rubles, while, in fact, the company transferred to the budget only 270 of them.

In late November the Chamber of Control and Accounts carried out a spot check on the Transport Committee of the Admiralteiskaya station construction. This department was the disposer of budgetary funds, the Metro served as the technical customer. Auditors returned documents for this project in the Smolny, but immediately the Investigative Committee with the FSB came for them.

Fontanka reported that the Transport Committee was involved in the case because of the conduct of operations without approved design estimate documentation. It is noteworthy that several Сhairmen of the Transport Committee came off duty within few years of Admiralteiskaya station's construction.



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