St. Petersburg Prosecutor bribe-taker remains at large due to illness

St. Petersburg Prosecutor bribe-taker remains at large due to illness
Stanislav Ivanov

The Petrograd District Court has refused to consider the motion to arrest the former Prosecutor of Leningrad region Stanislav Ivanov and returned it to investigating authorities.

Let us recall that the motion to arrest Ivanov was field on November 2. It was then that the prosecutor suspected of bribery was undergoing hospital treatment in the adult ward of the Raisa Gorbachev Pediatric Oncology and Hematology Research Institute. According to medical diagnosis, he had acute leukemia. Protection of the former prosecutor provided relevant documentary evidence to the court.

After that the investigating authorities had sent a petition to release the detainee, as keeping in custody the suspect suffering from such disease was contrary to the law. According to Judge Svetlana Telnova, investigative bodies would subsequently be able to re-apply to the court with a similar petition for selecting a preventive measure against Stanislav Ivanov.

Meanwhile, November 3 an indictment was brought in against Stanislav Ivanov; he is accused of taking a large-scale bribe when performing his official duties. According to the ICR, the amount of bribe exceeded 20 million rubles.

Ivanov himself was not present at the hearing because he was undergoing a course of chemotherapy, and doctors strongly opposed his transportation.

The suspect's lawyer claims that doctors have discovered shortcomings at the genetic level, which could be due to severe poisoning of the body. He expects that the investigating authorities and the court will take into account Stanislav Ivanov’s state of health and set house arrest as preventive measure for him.

Let us recall that the Head of the Prosecutor's Office in the Leningrad region Stanislav Ivanov was dismissed on October 31 by decree of the Russian President Vladimir Putin after a criminal case of multi-million dollar bribes had been initiated against the former.

According to investigation, Stanislav Ivanov had received over 20 million rubles of bribes for two years. In the period from 2014 to 2016, while being the Prosecutor of the Leningrad region, Ivanov would receive 0.5-1 million rubles on a monthly basis from a businessmen in exchange for general patronage and connivance at work.

In addition, according to the ICR, the bribegiver granted Stanislav Ivanov a new Toyota Camry. Moreover, the businessman would pay for a parking lot of his personal car for two years. The prosecutor and his family went on holiday abroad at the expense of the businessman at least twice. At the same time, the cost of travel exceeded 2 million rubles. The investigation petitioned for Ivanov's arrest, but on November 2 the Petrograd District Court did not issue an arrest warrant, extending the period of detention for 72 hours. That day, Ivanov appeared in the court straight from the hospital wearing a medical mask and slippers.



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