St. Petersburg customs officers taken for monthly bribes 

St. Petersburg customs officers taken for monthly bribes
Photo: A still from the video

According to investigators, employees of the Federal Customs Service took money from entrepreneurs.

Employees with the Baltic Customs in St. Petersburg are suspected of systematically receiving bribes from local entrepreneurs, RenTV informs citing the press service of the Investigative Committee of the region.

Investigators believe the Deputy Head of the customs checkpoint instructed the state customs inspector to extort money from merchants in exchange for the transit of companies' goods through Turukhtanny customs terminal.

Businesspeople agreed and paid a monthly tribute to the inspector, who, in turn, shared it with the boss.

"In the period from April 11, 2019 to June 6, 2019, the inspector received a bribe in the total amount of about 900 thousand rubles ($13.9 thousand) from commercial organizations," the Investigative Committee added.



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