St. Petersburg court against MIA Colonel Timchenko's house arrest

St. Petersburg court against MIA Colonel Timchenko's house arrest
Photo: Fontanka

On the night of December 10, the Smolninsky Court of St. Petersburg arrested Chief of the Russian MIA Internal Security Yury Timchenko, previously detained on suspicion of taking a bribe in the amount of 100 million rubles.

ICR investigator has requested the court to arrest Colonel Timchenko for two months. The suspect's lawyer Vladimir Shukis had proposed to elect another preventive measure for his client, namely travel restriction, bail, personal guarantee or house arrest. However, the court has not satisfied his request.

In the courtroom, the arrested stated he did not consider himself guilty, had not extorted, nor received the money. He disagreed with the investigation findings. Moreover, he emphasized that he had not investigated the case on tax evasion and not supervised it.

Let us recall that the criminal case against the high-ranked police officer has been initiated under Art. 290 of the Russian Criminal Code for taking a bribe on a large scale. According to investigation, the colonel had been extorting 100 million rubles from Delovye Linii's management for removing distraint of accounts and terminating case on non-payment of taxes.

It should be reminded that December 8, the policeman's mediators Konstantin Marchenkov and Sergey Zinovenko were detained on the territory of the underground parking of the SEC Gallery. The security officers caught them while they were receiving fake funds in the amount of 50 million rubles, which in the future they were supposed to pass to Timchenko, from the representative of Deloviye Linii. Later, the MIA Colonel was detained; the security forces found 350 thousand rubles in his office.



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