Spokoynov's wife and head of Union of Miners detained due to procurement fraud

Spokoynov's wife and head of Union of Miners detained due to procurement fraud
Ilya Spokoynov, General Director of Admiral Hockey Club

Marina Sviridova has been detained in the regional center, whereas Aleksey Avershin has been delivered in handcuffs from Moscow to Vladivostok. Head of the hockey club has commented on his wife's detention.

The detention of Head of the Primorye Union of Miners and Governor Advisor Aleksey Avershin and the wife of General Director of Admiral Hockey Club Ilya Spokoynov (Mitkin), businesswoman Marina Sviridova by the ICR Investigations Directorate officers in the Primorye region is associated with machinations during the public procurement. This has been reported to VL.ru by an informed source.

Later it was reported that Head of Admiral Hockey Club Ilya Spokoynov, who has been an advisor to the Deputy Chairman of the State Duma Sergey Neverov since November 2016, had also been detained.

Head of Admiral Ilya Spokoynov (also known in Primorye as Mitkin) has denied information about his arrest, which had appeared in social networks and a number of media sources, and claimed that his wife, who had been previously detained by law enforcers, is innocent. He has also expressed hope that law enforcement agencies would sort it out.

ICR and FSB representatives have not yet commented on this information. According to Vl.ru, the detained head of the Primorye Union of Miners Aleksey Avershin became publicly known after the scandal due to flights with Primorye Governor Vladimir Miklushevsky on his private helicopter.

In addition, Avershin is the founder of Vremya Radio group of companies, which includes Evropa Plus, Dacha Radio, Dorozhnoe Radio, Radio Retro, Sport FM, Russkoe Radio, Hit FM, and Di FM.

Wife of General Director of Admiral Ilya Spokoynov (Mitkin) Marina Sviridova is the current director of the aforementioned Vremya Radio LLC and Novaya Volna TV and Radio Company. According to Rusprofile, Novaya Volna has been executing contracts via public procurement for the Legislative Assembly of the Primorsky region and Primorkraystroy KPPK (State-owned Primorsky Region Enterprise) amounting to more than 5 million rubles.

It is noteworthy that earlier this week the Primorye governor accepted the resignation of his deputy Sergey Sidorenko, who had been placed under house arrest by the court on suspicion of swindling. A criminal case has been instituted on the fact of attempted embezzlement of budget funds in the amount of 10 million rubles.



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