Source: Igor Sechin personally invited Ulyukaev in Rosneft's office for bribery

Source: Igor Sechin personally invited Ulyukaev in Rosneft's office for bribery
Alexey Ulyukaev and Igor Sechin

The ex-Minister of Economic Development begged 2 million dollars from the oil company to reward his employees, source said.⁠

New details on the surveillance and detention of Economic Development Minister Alexey Ulyukaev are disclosed. The official, as investigation suggested, extorted a bribe from the state-owned company. It is reported by Rosbalt citing a source in law enforcement agency.

As it has been previously known, Ulyukaev, whose conversations have been wiretapped, demanded a bribe from the oil company through the president of a large state bank. The source said that the Head of the financial institution was in a relationship of trust with the Minister and Igor Sechin. In a conversation with the president of the bank the official lamented that Ministry of Economic Development staff has issued all the necessary documentation for the sale of Bashneft's shares in an expeditious manner (of the week), but did not receive any gratitude. In addition, Ulyukaev threatened to impede on future projects of Rosneft.

The Head of the bank, whose name is still unknown, promised to talk about this with Sechin. Note that the banker himself does not appear in the case as a party to a crime, he allegedly did not have material interest.

Shortly after this conversation, Ulyukaev called Head of Rosneft Igor Sechin and offered to drive up in the state oil company office. At the appointed time (at 18:00) on November 14 the official arrived to Rosneft office at the Sofiskaya Embankment. Sechin did not meet in person with the Minister, but a company's top manager (whose name was also withheld) gave him the two keester, on which there were $ 2 million. Ulyukaev picked up one of the suitcases (on it his prints were discovered) and the employee of Rosneft helped him to carry another one.

Recall, Head of the Ministry of Economic Development Alexey Ulyukaev is charged under part 6 of Article 290 of the Criminal Code. According to investigators, the Minister extorted a bribe from Rosneft representatives for a positive assessment of the transaction for the Rosneft's purchase of Bashneft 50% shares. On November 15 Ulyukaev was dismissed by the presidential decree in connection with the loss of confidence.

At the moment, the ex-official is placed under house arrest.



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