Source: ICR officers accused of accepting bribe from Shakro Molodoy knew about FSB investigation

Source: ICR officers accused of accepting bribe from Shakro Molodoy knew about FSB investigation
Alexander Drymanov and Mikhail Maksimenko

This follows from the records of the wiretapping of the FSB, which are sent for phonoscopic examination.

The FSB Investigation Department appointed phonoscopic examinations as part of the investigation of a criminal case on the receipt of a bribe of $1 mln from the thief in law Zakhary Kalashov (Shakro Molodoy) by senior staff of the ICR for the release of crime lord Andrey Kochuikov’s (Italyanets). Rosbalt reports about it with reference to a source in law enforcement agencies.

According to it, the recordings of conversations between Alexander Drymanov, the former head of the Main Investigative Department of the ICR for Moscow, and Mikhail Maksimenko, the Chief Inspector of the Main Directorate of Interdepartmental Interaction and Internal Affairs of the ICR, and other persons involved in the case will be investigated.

All these conversations relate to the period shortly after the skirmish at the Elements restaurant, in which Shakro Molodoy's close associate Kochuykov-Italyanets took part, as well as the day before and after his release, for which, according to the FSB, ICR officers received a large bribe.

According to the source of Rosbalt, it follows from these records that Maksimenko and Drymanov knew that the FSB is keeping the development of events under control and intends to bring to the clean water all the corrupt officials who help the thieves in law. However, confidence in their “untouchability” and the sum of $1 million made them forget about caution.

In particular, in one of the recordings, Drymanov tells Maksimenko that “they, as he told me today, want to bring out to the clear water of all the corrupt cops who cover the thieves. As if with good intentions..."

Maksimenko replies to him that “the accusations are stupid,” to which Drymanov says that for the time being these are not accusations, but “hints that we want to let the deal drop.”

According to the source of Rosbalt, phonoscopic examinations are one of the last investigative measures taken as part of the investigation. After their completion, the arrested person will be charged with the final wording, then they will study the case materials.

Recall that the ex-deputy head of the Main Investigative Department of the ICR for Moscow Denis Nikandrov, who concluded a deal with the investigation, received five and a half years in prison. The former deputy Maksimenko, Alexander Lamonov, was sentenced to 5 years and a fine of 32.5 million rubles ($500,000) in the framework of the pre-trial agreement, but this was subsequently canceled by the Supreme Court.

During interrogations, former Head of the Investigative Department of the ICR for the Central Administrative District of Moscow, Aleksey Kramarenko admitted that he had taken a number of actions to release Kochuykov. But, according to his version, he did not receive any money for this, but simply carried out the instructions of his leaders — Nikandrov and Drymanov, who categorically denies his guilt.

Mikhail Maksimenko, previously sentenced to 13 years in a strict regime colony and fined 165 million rubles ($2.5 mln) for two other episodes, is not in contact with investigators, referring to article 51 of the Constitution of the Russian Federation. He, in addition to receiving a bribe of $1 mln, was charged with another episode – receiving an off-road vehicle from Smychkovsky. The businessman-fixer Dmitry Smychkovsky, who acted as an intermediary in the transfer of a bribe, is currently hiding in London and is not going to return.



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