Сontent of Sverdlovsk Railway ex-head’s suicide note revealed

Сontent of Sverdlovsk Railway ex-head’s suicide note revealed
Alexey Mironov Photo: Vladislav Lonshakov / Kommersant

On the eve it became known that the former official committed suicide in Moscow.

The reason for the suicide of Sverdlovsk Railway former head Alexey Mironov is revealed. The found suicide note states: “I don’t want to be disgraced, I remain a Soviet person, served for the good of Russia.” Thus, it confirmed the information that Mironov, respected among railway workers, could not accept the reputation destroyed.

Recall, December 13, 2018, he was detained on charges of corruption. He was subsequently arrested and placed at the SIZO. Criminal proceedings were launched against Mironov under the articles Bribe-Taking by an official and Abuse of Official Authority. Later, the official was placed under house arrest, and on June 14, the court released him due to inconsistencies in the criminal case.

According to Mash, Mironov fell into depression unable to withstand the accusations and murdered reputation. He tried to get justice and return to the railway.

On the eve, his wife found her husband's corpse in the cottage returning from Moscow to the village of Islavskoye on Rublyovka. It is known that he shot himself with a gun. The Tula Arms Plant released the unregistered barrel in 1906.



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