Son of former Russian Railways head’s advisor wanted on Colonel Zakharchenko’s case 

Son of former Russian Railways head’s advisor wanted on Colonel Zakharchenko’s case
Aleksey Krapivin Photo: Facebook

Evidence against Aleksey Krapivin, the 2018 leader of Forbes magazine’s rating dubbed as The Kings of the State Order, the son of late ex-Adviser to Vladimir Yakunin, Andrey Krapivin, was given by one of the witnesses in the case of the billionaire colonel.

In the framework of the investigation of the criminal case of the former Head of Department ‘T’ of the Main Directorate for Economic Safety and Counteracting Corruption of the MIA Dmitry Zakharchenko, the Investigative Committee announced the search for the son of late Adviser to the former Head of Russian Railways Vladimir Yakunin Andrey Krapivin, Rosbalt reports.

An important witness in the case of Colonel Zakharchenko testified against Aleksey Krapivin, co-owner of 1520, Roszheldorproekt, and Lengiprogaz. The name of the witness is not reported.

Earlier, Aleksey Krapivin’s partner, Valery Markelov, another co-owner of the 1520 group of companies, got into custody. The Basmanny Court of Moscow on October 2 arrested him for a period of two months. The investigation suspects Markelov together with his partners Ivan Stankevich, Dmitry Motorin and Boris Usherovich in giving a bribe in the amount of 2 billion rubles ($30 mln) to Colonel Zakharchenko.

Immediately after the arrest of Valery Markelov, a whole group of 1520 senior officials, including lawyers and financiers, decided to cooperate with the investigation, a Rosbalt source in the special services said.

In particular, it became known from the testimony of those 1520 employees responsible for finance how, and under what circumstances, Dmitry Motorin gave Zakharchenko monthly $150,000. Lawyers told how, by order of the leadership, they were engaged in real estate registration for members of the Zakharchenko family. It is reported that in the testimony of employees of 1520 there were a lot of big names of senior officials, who the owners of the largest contractor of the Russian Railways transferred large sums of money and apartments worth millions of dollars.

Krapivin Jr., whose father Andrei Krapivin, being an adviser to the head of Russian Railways, was considered the head of the 1520 and other companies that received contracts worth hundreds of billions of rubles from the national railway carrier, became the junior partner of the team in 2015 when his father died in Switzerland.

Valery Markelov in court

When Markelov, Usherovich and other persons involved in the case began to cooperate with Zakharchenko, Aleksey Krapivin was still a young man, but already "was in the subject and knew a lot," the source told Rosbalt. At present, Aleksey Krapivin, along with Markelov, Usherovich and their other partners, has been recognized by Forbes magazine as The King of the State Order-2018. According to the newspaper, a group of companies 1520, which is owned by Krapivin and his partners, received state orders worth 218 billion rubles.


Screenshot from Forbes website

According to an agency source, having learned about the arrest of Markelov, Aleksey Krapivin tried to urgently leave Russia, but could not. Currently, according to law enforcement officers, he is hiding in the territory of the Russian Federation. As soon as his whereabouts is established, Krapivin Jr. will be detained and taken to the Investigative Committee for questioning.

Earlier, the Investigative Committee issued a resolution announcing Boris Usherovich, co-owner of the 1520 group of companies, his assistant Dmitry Motorin, bankers Ivan Stankevich and Yury Obodovsky, to the federal wanted list. Rosbalt notes that the next step will be their arrest in absentia and the announcement of the international search.

Banker Ivan Stankevich with his ex-girlfriend Anna Semenovich

According to the agency, in this regard, some of the wanted are already looking for trouble-proof shelters.

The operatives believe that most of the funds found in Zakharchenko’s apartment (more than 9 billion rubles) were received by the colonel from Markelov and related businessmen.


Colonel of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Dmitry Zakharchenko was detained by FSB officers in September 2016. During searches in the apartment and car Zakharchenko was found about 9 billion rubles ($135 mln), mainly in foreign currency. Currently, ex-Head of the Department ‘T’ of the Main Directorate for Economic Safety and Counteracting Corruption of the MIA, Dmitry Zakharchenko, is in jail on charges under three articles of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation – 285 (Abuse of authority), 290 (Bribe-Taking), and 294 (Obstructing justice and preliminary investigation).


The investigation believes that all wanted persons participated in the transfer of Zakharchenko’s bribes for patronizing Russian Railway (RZD) contractors and most of the nearly 9 billion rubles ($135 mln) found in the apartment of the colonel’s sister came to him from this group of bankers and entrepreneurs. 


Dmitry Zakharchenko

According to investigators, when Zakharchenko felt being under surveillance, he began to turn his capital into previously non-illuminated cash and ordered about $120 million in briquettes packaged in the US Federal Reserve Bank via controlled by Stankevich and Obodovsky banks Baltika (deprived of a license in November 2015), Yenisei (deprived of a license in February 2017), Novoe Vremya, and Interprogress.

Yesterday, according to The CrimeRussia, during the investigative activities searches were conducted in the bank Interprogress.



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