Son of arrested on suspicion of bribery ZabZD Head made successful career in his father's structure

Son of arrested on suspicion of bribery ZabZD Head made successful career in his father's structure
Valery Fomin

Valery Fomin hired his relatives and friends in the Trans-Baikal Railway.⁠

The Head of the Trans-Baikal Railway Valery Fomin, who was arrested for Bribery in a Profit-making Organisation on an especially large size (part 4 Art. 204 of the Criminal Code), hired his relatives and acquaintances at the service. Fomin also helped them to rapidly move up the career ladder.

"The first thing he did was to get a job for his 24-year-old son Denis. His career soon took off. Two months later the young man became the Deputy Chief of the social sphere department,” - an employee of the Railway said to the ZabTV channel.

The source pointed out that the Fomin’s son could afford not to appear at work for several days. In addition, the Head of ZabZD helped arrange the familiar family, which had no proper education, into the structure. Earlier a woman had worked in a beauty salon of his wife in Yekaterinburg.

"Fomin spent money right and left. This criminal case is only a pretext to detain him,"- the source said. According to the employee of ZabZD, in Fomin's case it must arise a question of a large-scale fraud.

"Everyone saw it and said nothing. No one wanted to be eaten by the system,"- the source said.

Recall that on October 19 the Office of Trans-Baikal Railway was searched, including the Fomin's office. On October 21 the court took into custody the Head of the Railway. According to investigators, the businessman bribed Valery Fomin with Land Cruiser. For SUV, the cost of which was estimated at 1.8 million rubles, the Head of ZabZD promised to conclude a commercial contract with the enterprise for the provision of transportation services.

According to the TV channel, four lawyers defend Fomin. They offered the court to release his client on bail of 3 million rubles. In addition, the accused has pleaded not guilty through his lawyers.



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