Solver from GUEBiPK: Energy providers accuse Colonel Zakharchenko of extorting 270 million rubles 

Solver from GUEBiPK: Energy providers accuse Colonel Zakharchenko of extorting 270 million rubles
Zakharchenko’s case fathers episodes? Photo: The CrimeRussia

In the high-profile case of the ‘billionaire Colonel’ Dmitry Zakharchenko, new episodes may emerge. His former immediate superior, Alexander Tishchenko, and other staff of GUEBiPK (General Administration for Economic Security and Combatting the Corruption) may be involved in them as well.

Currently, the Russian Investigative Committee conducts pre-investigation checks on the fact of extortion of a large sum of money from one of Russia's leading suppliers of equipment for the oil, gas, chemical, metallurgical, and mining industries by MIA GUEBiPK employees.

Representatives of the company Energetichesky Standart (Energy Standard) said that the company was subjected to extortion by the MIA GUEBiPK operatives, among whom there was Colonel Zakharchenko, reports Life.

According to the publication, in 2012, one of the numerous competitors ‘ordered’ the corrupt GUEBiPK employees, who were then led by the General Denis Sugrobov (currently is under investigation on charges of OCG creation and abuse of office), to take down the company. Dmitry Zakharchenko at this time has already been serving in the GUEBiPK’s Department T, which is focused on fuel and energy sector.

As Life emphasizes, the operatives of the Department T worked according to a scheme which was widely practiced in the period when the Department was managed by the General Sugrobov. The point of it was the selection of the ‘victims’ for tax authorities, after which the criminals would ‘hang’ a large debt on a company and offer it to settle the case for a certain amount.

For example, in 2013-2014, the company was suspected of a too big turnover. Then, with at the suggestion of GUEBiPK, Energy Standard became interesting to the tax authorities of the Federal Tax Service No. 6 in Moscow, which counted its tax debts by 900 million rubles.

Soon, Dmitry Zakharchenko’s and other GUEBiPK seniors’ ‘solvers’ contacted the representatives of Energy Standard and promised to solve the tax problems for a ‘kick back’ in the amount of 10 to 30% of the debt (90-270 million).

After the energy suppliers refused to pay the dirty cops, GUEBiPK literally ‘nightmarized’ the company with checks and a number of other hostile actions intimidating partners and customers of Energy Standard.

In statements sent to the Prosecutor's Office, ICR, and the Ministry of Energy, the representatives of the company claim that their partners were personally telephoned by the officer of the 13th Division of the GUEBiPK 4th Operative Investigative Unit in the city of Moscow Lieutenant Colonel Vasily Golovachev. Even after the arrest of General Sugrobov, his staff continued to ‘nightmarize’ the company, the ICR told the publication.


General Denis Sugrobov in court

Because of that, incomes of Energy Standard, writes Life, decreased fivefold, which in fact killed the company. According to SPARK, in 2015, the company's revenue amounted to 4.2 billion rubles, while in 2012 the figure was 24.7 billion.

In 2015, the ‘shakedown’ on the company repeated. At that, a meeting with the representatives of the Energy Standard in a Moscow restaurant, apart from Lieutenant Colonel Golovachev, was attended by Dmitry Zakharchenko and his immediate superior, Head of the Department T Alexander Tishchenko. However, the company again refused to pay the extortionists and contacted the MIA Internal Investigations Division, General Prosecutor's Office and the Investigative Committee. The law enforcement agencies have not commented on the information of the claim by Energy Standard. In January 2017, the company was headed by the crisis manager Vadim Giner, who is the son of the head of CSKA football club.

It is to be recalled that on September 9 during the operation of the FSB, Acting Head of the GUEBiPK Department T Colonel Dmitry Zakharchenko was detained and accused of taking bribes, abuse of power, as well as attempts to obstruct justice. In Zakharchenko’s car and in his sister’s apartment 8.5 billion rubles, mainly in foreign currency, were seized. According to the source of Crime in Russia" Dmitry Zakharchenko was an influential ‘solver’ involved in a number of high-profile criminal cases related to the ‘protection racket’, ‘gray’ Russian Railways contracts, money laundering and the withdrawal of funds from banks. There is also a version that Dmitry Zakharchenko, who still denies his involvement in the affairs, was the curator of the ‘common fund’ of the corrupt GUEBiPK employees.



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