Sochi judge intends to achieve full acquittance

Sochi judge intends to achieve full acquittance
Dmitry Novikov

He was found guilty on several counts, but released because of the statute of limitations.

Rostov-on-Don pronounced a verdict to retired Sochi judge Dmitry Novikov, accused of Abuse of Official Powers, Obstruction of Justice and Issue of Unfair Decisions (part 2 of Article 285; part 3 of Article 294 and part 1 of Article 305 CC RF). He was found guilty but was released from punishment in connection with the expiration of the statute of limitations, which is a non-rehabilitant basis. As Kommersant notes, the last episodes of the case date back to 2003, when Dmitry Novikov was the judge of the Khostinsky court of Sochi.

He stated he would file an appeal with the Supreme Court. Moreover, Novikov is going to participate in the competition for the post of the Krasnodar Regional Court chairman.

Former judge Novikov became the defendant for several criminal cases (fraud and the appropriation of land) in 2010. At the same time, he accused his colleagues of stealing land in Krasnaya Polyana. Due to a conflict with the Krasnodar Territory judiciary, he succeeded in transferring the hearing to another region in 2016.

Novikov regularly recorded video appeals with a call to protect him from unfair accusations, and former colleagues, whose abuses he allegedly revealed.

In April 2010, the Qualification Collegium of the Krasnodar Region judges deprived Novikov of his judge status, changing the wording of dismissal from a voluntary resignation for dismissal in connection with the deprivation of the status of a judge. A year later the decision of the board on the early termination of Novikov's powers was canceled.



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