“So that no one will ever do it again”: Volgograd ex-mayor revealed to FSB new crimes of Muzraev 

“So that no one will ever do it again”: Volgograd ex-mayor revealed to FSB new crimes of Muzraev

Former Mayor Yevgeny Ishchenko wrote a statement to the authorities and urged other Volgograd residents to follow his example, in order that the city cease to be the personification of hopelessness.

Former Mayor of Volgograd, Yevgeny Ishchenko, published a post in a social network in which he admitted that he had written a statement to the FSB against Lieutenant General Mikhail Muzraev. According to the applicant, the head of the ICR in the Volgograd region played an extremely "negative role in the fate of many people and the whole of Volgograd."

 So Ischenko claims that Muzraev and his entourage for many years fabricated criminal cases against innocent people. The purpose of such illegal actions was often the desire to remove them from senior positions. The results of such fake investigations and detentions were presented to Moscow as an effective fight against corruption.

But the real situation in this area only worsened.

According to the politician, all this gave rise to a system of “negative selection” in Volgograd, corrupt officials, crime bosses, crooks and rogues for years robbed the city.

Ishchenko is sure, while other cities developed, Volgograd's development was reversed. The city became the personification of despondency and hopelessness. He is confident that with the arrest of Muzraev, the situation will gradually improve.

The politician suggested that all innocent people who suffered from the actions of Muzraev and his accomplices, would write statements to the FSB. 

He urged to do this, for the sake of "the future and our children" and, "so that no one else will do it again."

Ishchenko attached a copy of the statement to the post. In a statement, he describes how his criminal case was conducted and asks to bring the perpetrators to justice.

He recalled that in 2003, in the office of the head of the administration of Volgograd, he often faced attempts of Muzraev, who held the post of deputy prosecutor of Volgograd, to put pressure on himself. After the lieutenant-general could not influence the head of the city with threats, he opened a criminal case under Art. 285 part 2 Abuse of official position, Art. 286 part 2 Excess of office, and Art. 289 Illegal participation in business activities.

Ishchenko recalls that he was imprisoned and also removed from his post. A little later, the persecutions under Art. 285 and 286 were terminated.

But then Murzaev made a “knight's move” and attached 94 patrons from Ischenko's home safe to the case. Without reason, the expert shot all the cartridges, except for a pair of armor-piercing. In fact, such an expert opinion has become peremptory. Although the long-established method of examination involves selective shooting of ammunition. The former accused is convinced that this fact indicates that the cartridges were deliberately destroyed in order to avoid re-examination. Ishchenko also claims that three armor-piercing incendiary cartridges were planted on him.

As a result, a politician in 2007 got a sentence of the Central District Court for illegal storage of ammunition prohibited in civil circulation. Ishchenko said that other officials informed him that Muzraev had threatened them with fabrication of cases of illegal storage of ammunition, and gave the politician as an example the victim of such a policy.



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