Slavgorod mayor resigns following corruption scandal

Slavgorod mayor resigns following corruption scandal
Photo: Viktor Kintsel

Mayor of Altay region’s Slavgorod Viktor Kintsel has tendered his voluntary resignation.

The news was announced by Altay region Governor Aleksandr Karlin during a meeting with Head of the Russian Accounts Chamber Directorate in the Altay region Viktor Minenko, Kommersant reports.

The official who had managed the town for 5 years violated the law when selling municipal property, according to the governor. Viktor Kintsel effected several transactions that ran contrary to the laws on municipal property management. He sold Teploseti Slavgoroda. It had been renovated several months prior to the transaction using money from the local budget. It was later sold to a private company for a price that was lower by an order of magnitude, according to the governor. Nothing has been done to mitigate damages to the budget, according to the governor, as quoted by the Alray region government’s press service.

The governor suggested the chamber and relevant ministries developed a legal algorithm for municipal objects transfer regulation.

The police searched the Slavgorod Town Hall this summer due to an inspection that had revealed numerous violations, including embezzlement of money allocated for heating system modernization, according to the local media. Around the same time, the ICR Investigations Directorate in the Altay region launched a criminal investigation into the Slavgorod Town Hall selling municipal property for low prices. These actions caused more than 79 million rubles ($1.3 million) worth of damages, according to the ICR.



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