Sister and mother of Colonel Zakharchenko left Russia 

Sister and mother of Colonel Zakharchenko left Russia
Dmitry Zakharchenko

According to the Prosecutor General's Office, Zakharchenko's mother left for Israel, and his sister went to Turkey.⁠

The Prosecutor General's Office published a video confined to the hearing of a case involving the reversion of property seized from Colonel-billionaire Dmitry Zakharchenko, into state revenue, in the Nikulinsky court. From the video, in particular, it became known that sister of the arrested Colonel Irina Razgunova and his mother Valentina Zakharchenko left Russia. Razgunova is currently in Turkey, Zakharchenko left for Israel.

The Colonel himself and his father are in jail. It is noted that the mother and sister of Zakharchenko are trying to explain the origin of the suspect's money, but "only aggravate the situation", as the Prosecutor's Office convicts them of lying. In particular, Valentina Zakharchenko said that she received an advance payment for an apartment on Michurinsky Avenue, which she was going to sell. The Prosecutor's Office found that there is no contract for sale.

Also, Zakharchenko's mother was convicted of attempt to falsify documents on the sale of a house in Rostov for 6 million rubles ($100.700). It is reported that she asked the buyer to specify the amount of 12 million rubles ($201.300) in the contract. The buyer, however, did not agree to do this and appealed to law enforcement.

During the searches in the apartment of Zakharchenko's mother on Michurinsky Avenue 19.5 million rubles ($327.000), 600 thousand euros and 20 thousand dollars were found. At Irina Razgunova's apartment at Lomonosovsky Avenue $124 million, 1.5 million euros and more than 342 million rubles ($5.4m) were found. Also in the apartment of the Colonel's sister there was found a notebook with calculations that the mother of the detainee was keeping score, RBC reports citing prosecutor Sergey Bochkarev. The handwriting of the Colonel's mother in the notebook is established by examination. According to the prosecution, she performed all the calculations "in a column."

On November 10, the Nikulinsky court began to consider the lawsuit of the Prosecutor General's Office about the reversion of property seized from the Colonel and his relatives, with a total value of about 9 billion rubles ($150.9m), in state revenue.



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