Simulator Mikhail Maksimenko charged with another bribe

Simulator Mikhail Maksimenko charged with another bribe
Mikhail Maksimenko

It is known about a new corruption case against the silovik only for the fact that a person named Smychkovsky, who was a bribe-taker, appears in it.

Ex-Head of the Main Directorate of Interdepartmental Cooperation and Its Own Security Mikhail Mikhailovich Maksimenko is accused of taking bribes for the third time. It became known about new case against Maksimenko in the Moscow City Court, which was considering extending his arrest. The plot of the new case was not read out during the meeting, but it is known that it features a man named Smychkovsky, who was the bribe-taker. This is reported by

In addition, during the meeting in the Moscow City Court, the details of another criminal case about the bribe of Maksimenko from businessman Badri Shengelia were heard. According to the investigators, Maksimenko received a fee of 1 million rubles ($16.800) for instituting criminal proceedings about the theft of a businessman's elite Hublot watches. According to sources of the edition, Shengelia gave testimony against Maksimenko. Earlier, the businessman witnessed several criminal cases against authoritative businessman Vladimir Barsukov (Kumarin) about raider seizure of houses in St. Petersburg.

During the meeting, the FSB investigator reported that Maksimenko simulated a mental disorder in order to avoid participation in investigative activities. In this connection, he was sent to the Serbsky Institute for examination, but the doctors found no deviations.

On July 19, 2016, Mikhail Maksimenko, his deputy Alexander Lamonov, as well as the First Deputy Head of the Moscow ICR Denis Nikandrov were arrested on suspicion of receiving a particularly large bribe from thief in law Shakro Molodoy for termination of the criminal case against his accomplice Andrey Kochuykov nicknamed Italian. The latter was sent to prison after a firefight that occurred near the Elements restaurant on Rochdelskaya Street. According to the investigation, the Italian demanded 8 million rubles ($134.400) from the owner of the institution Janna Kim for familiar of Shakro Fatima Misikova.



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