Should Senator Klintsevich pay for vacation?

Should Senator Klintsevich pay for vacation?
Frants Klintsevich Photo: RIA Novosti

In Moscow Regional Court the lawsuit of Disabled veterans and the Senator Frants Klintsevich concerning 300 thousand rubles, which the politician ought to pay for vacations in sanatorium, will proceed.

Today the Moscow Regional Court will continue consideration of the claim of the All-Russian public organization of disabled veterans in Afghanistan and a military injury Disabled veterans (OOOIVA) against the Senator Frants Klintsevich. According to Afghans, Klintsevich owed them nearly 300 thousand rubles for New Year's vacations in the belonging to the organization Center of recovery therapy for soldiers internationalists n.a. M. A. Likhodey (CRTSI) in the Ruza district of the Moscow Region. In June this year, the Ruza City Court delivered a decision obliging the senator to pay for the vacations, however he appealed against the sentence. As Kommersant reported, the appellation reads that Klintsevich was not going to pay as he had a right for free vacation. At the same time, it becomes clear from the document that the senator with his friends and relatives was in CRTSI in January, 2015. He refers to the register of sanatorium, where he and his friends were registered as “s/i” (soldiers internationalists). The women and children, who accompanied them were named “m/f” (members of family of s/i). Klintsevich believes that this fact proves that the whole company should have been resting in the center for free. In turn, OOOIVA say that as participant of the war, Klintsevich (who was really serving "the senior special promotion instructor of a political department" in Afghanistan) could have expected the privileges if he had refused the same benefits provided to him by the Federal Council.

Earlier Klintsevich declared that he “came to the sanatorium not for long, only on January 1, to congratulate his friends”. In response to the invoice of 285 thousand rubles for accommodation in the presidential suite together with a certain Irina Limayeva, he declared that he did not know any Limayeva-Shlimayeva.

Consideration of the claim by court of the second instance dragged on at first because of the overdue notification of the participants of the process. Then Klintsevich's lawyers were getting acquainted with the arguments of claimants, which arrived in response to the claim of the defendant. Before that, representatives of the senator tried to transfer hearing of the case to Moscow, specifying that a claim was submitted with cognizance violation. However, the Moscow Regional Court did not find violations, as a codefendant in the claim is a CEO of CRTSI, who at that time lived in the territory of the Ruza district.

Commenting the judgment, obliging to pay off the bills, to media, Klintsevich called it tendentious as “the judge and her superiors” also go to the center on their vacations. Ruza prosecutor's office also got into a mess – after Klintsevich’s accusations of its connections with Disabled veterans, security service of the Moscow regional prosecutor's office initiated checks in the Ruza Prosecutor's Office.

We will note that right after the claim against the politician was submitted on November 20, the Disabled veterans also had problems. During 2015, 17 different commissions visited the organization. Among them: employees of a criminal investigation department and fighters against economic crime, emloyees of the Prosecutor’s Office, the Audit Chamber, Rospotrebnadzor's departments, the Department of the Federal Migration Service, the Commissioner for Human Rights in the Moscow region and even state inspectorate for small size vessels of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Russian Federation.



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