Shortly before Nikita Belykh's detention FSB officers discussed Kremlin's order to 'bump' Governor

Shortly before Nikita Belykh's detention FSB officers discussed Kremlin's order to 'bump' Governor
Nikita Belykh

One of the officers explained in the conversation that there was a task to remove the top leadership of the Kirov region, because "VVP (Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin - Ed.) is unpleased with the indicators - the Communists win the elections."

In the Presnensky District Court of Moscow a transcript of the conversation between two people, who discussed the removal of the Governor from office on the instructions of the Kremlin, was played at the second hearing upon the case of Nikita Belykh. Republic writes this.

Two people participate in the conversation: Igor Parfenov and Sergey Smirnov. Belykh's lawyer Andrey Grokhotov claims that Parfenov is an employee of the FSB.

First, the interlocutors recall the detention of the heads of the Sakhalin region and the Komi, then Parfenov said that the same thing would happen in the Kirov region. According to him, the Kremlin is dissatisfied with the fact that many forests are cut down, and taxes are not hit the treasury. Therefore, the FSB was instructed to check everything and remove the guilty ones.

According to Parfenov, the detention of the Head of the Komi occurred six months ago, so the approximate time of the conversation could be determined. Head of the Komi Vyacheslav Gaizer was detained on September 20, 2015, so the conversation between the officers took place in early 2016. That is, about six months before the arrest of Belykh.

It also became clear from the conversation that the operatives monitored Belykh, his subordinates and the activities of the companies Leskhoz and Novovyatsky Ski Mill, which will appear in the criminal case.

Recall, Belykh is accused of receiving bribes for a total of 600 thousand euros. The Governor was detained on June 24, 2016, when he was taking 400 thousand euros. According to Belykh, this money had to be spent to charity. In addition, he did not negotiate the transfer of money, and was surprised when he saw them in the package.

The remaining 200 thousand euros, according to the investigation, Belykh received in 2011-2012 from the entrepreneur Laritsky, who at that time owned Novovyatsky Ski Mill and Forest Management Company Kirovles.



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