Shestun writes open letter with names of those responsible for his possible death

Shestun writes open letter with names of those responsible for his possible death
Aleksandr Shestun

The ex-Serpukhov district head, who is accused of taking a bribe of 10 million rubles, or $152,201, has been on a hunger strike since his arrest.

Former Head of the Moscow region’s Serpukhov district, Aleksandr Shestun, who is arrested on charges of Bribe-Taking and Exceeding Official Powers, has written an open letter to State Duma deputies, in which he explained the reason for his hunger strike and called the names of those whom he asked to “be considered guilty of his death,” if he dies. This is reported by

According to the letter, Shestun has gone on a hunger strike, because he requires to conduct a medical examination and treatment of “his carotid artery with congenital tortuosity and stenosis” in the Bakulev center. In addition, the former official asked to investigate “the criminal offenses and the enrichment of billionaire sons of Prosecutor General of Russia Yury Chaika, Artyom and Igor Chaika, as well as “the illegal winning of the competition for the disposal of Moscow garbage for 145 billion rubles ($2.24 million) by Igor Chaika's Khartiya.” Shestun also demanded the resignation of Prosecutor General Yury Chaika. 

In addition, the ex-official demands to investigate his beating in the pre-trial detention center. He said that 20 employees of the pre-trial detention center beat him in the so-called ‘Kremlin Central.’ Shestun already reported this in February 2019. Back then, pre-trial detention center representatives said that physical strength had not been applied to him. 

Shestun ended up the letter listing the names of people whom he asked to blame for his death. The list includes Moscow Region Governor, Andrey Vorobyev, Head of the FSB Department ‘K’, General Ivan Tkachev, Head of the Internal Policy Department of the Presidential Administration, Andrey Yarin, Head of the Russian Supreme Court, Vyacheslav Lebedev, Prosecutor General, Yury Chaika and his sons, Director of the Federal Penitentiary Service Gennady Kornienko, the leader of the Podolskaya OCG, Sergey Lalakin (Luchok), and gangland businessman Gavril Yushvaev (Garik Makhachkala). 

It was previously reported that Shestun had a cardiac arrest in the detention center. The former official has been on a hunger strike since his arrest. During this time Shestun has lost 25 kilograms. 

Aleksandr Shestun is accused of taking a bribe of almost 10 million rubles (part 6 of Art. 290 of the Russian Criminal Code) and Exceeding Official Powers (Art. 286). According to the investigation, having exceeded his official powers, the former Serpukhov district head influenced the termination of a land lease agreement between the district administration and the local company Tsentr LLC, and then the conclusion of a contract for the sale of this land at a reduced price. The official denies his guilt. According to him, it was the acting head of the district who concluded all of the above transactions on behalf of the administration. Moreover, the investigation believes that Shestun patronized the autonomous non-profit organization for the development of physical culture and sports (name not specified) from 2012 to 2018 in exchange for systematic bribes. Over this time, he received almost 9.4 million rubles ($145,436). In addition, sports equipment worth more than 519 thousand rubles ($8,029) was purchased for Shestun’s recreation center. 

In early April, the Krasnogorsk Court of the Moscow region forfeited Shestun’s property with a total value of about 10.5 billion rubles ($159.8 million) on the suit of the Prosecutor General's Office. Dozens of individuals and companies acted as co-defendants in the lawsuit. According to investigators, the seized assets — 760 real estate facilities, 22 vehicles, river transport, and other property — belonged to the former head of the district or people and companies affiliated with him. At the last court hearing, speaking on a video link from the pre-trial detention center, Shestun said that he considered the claim of the Prosecutor General’s Office to be illegal.



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