Shestun turns out to be owner of villages and huge fleet 

Shestun turns out to be owner of villages and huge fleet
Alexander Shestun

The list of seized property covers 771 real estate, 43 expensive cars, jewelry.

Former Head of the Serpukhov district Alexander Shestun and his relatives turned out to be owners of property worth 10 billion rubles, while the aggregate official income of relatives does not exceed 9 million rubles, and Shestun declared salary of 14 million rubles. Alexander Shestun owns whole villages: Moskovka, Banino, Kalinovo, Drakino, Tveritinovo, Luzhki, Borisovo, Panikovo, Dashkovka, Kalinovo, Priluki, Kleymanovo, Terenun, Glazovo, Raysemenovskoe, Rablovo, Starye Kuzmenki, Ryblovo and Bolshevik village, in addition, dozens of sites along the Moscow, Borisov highway, the Serpukhov-Protvino highway, Komsomolskaya Pravda writes.

“The land was leased to a legal entity, then a small outbuilding appeared on it, after which the property was artificially erected for the acquisition of the land at a discount price ten times lower than the market price. After registration of land ownership, it was resold,” official representative of the ICR Svetlana Petrenko explained. Numerous land sale, merger, and crushing operations were carried out to conceal the traces.

In total, from 2003 to 2018, Shestun and his trusted people purchased at least 771 properties with a total cadastral value of 2.56 billion rubles, of which 654 are land plots in Serpukhovsky District with an entire area of over 13.8 million square meters, as well as more than 43 expensive cars, motorcycles, boats, snowmobiles and other equipment of prestigious brands Mercedes, Audi, Lexus, Toyota, Land Rover, Suzuki and Bombardier worth more than 49.9 million rubles. Also, the list of seized property covers numerous jewelry.

Shestun recorded most of his property on his 83-year-old mother - 19 immovable and movable property with a total value of over 82.7 million rubles. Before the election of Alexander Shestun in 2003 to the position of head of the Serpukhov District, neither he nor his family members had any expensive property.

It turned out that Shestun was the actual owner of the Drakino park-hotel (estimated at 250 million rubles) in the village of Drakino, Serpukhov District, registered with Krugosvet LLC, and the Medvezhiya Berloga recreation center (estimated at 24 million rubles) in the town Priluki and is owned by Zima LLC. After the start of the prosecutor's check, the head of the Serpukhov district tried to sell these properties at the market price of 1.3 billion rubles and 380 million rubles but did not have time.

Recall, on April 8, the Krasnogorsk City Court of the Moscow region reversed all property of Alexander Shestun, his relatives and proxies in the amount of 10.4 billion rubles into state revenue. In addition to Shestun, the defendants in the lawsuit were another 35 individuals and legal entities. Earlier, four defendants admitted the lawsuit and confirmed that they were affiliated with the former head of Serpukhov district. He said that he did not know a single company mentioned in the suit.

Alexander Shestun is in custody since June 2018. He is accused of fraud, legalization of criminal property, illegal business activities and taking bribes (Article 159, 174.1, 289 and 290 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation). The former official does not admit guilt and binds his persecution with the intention to re-elect the head of the district. The confiscation of property from him and his relatives was classified as revenge for intractability.




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