Shestun’s children ask Putin to “return their father” 

Shestun’s children ask Putin to “return their father”
Alexander Shestun with his family

In the appeal, the wife of the head of the Serpukhov District claims that the case against her husband was framed up.

Children and the wife of the arrested head of the Serpukhov District, Alexander Shestun recorded a video message to Russian President Vladimir Putin. The family of the official asks the head of state to interfere with the criminal case, which was initiated against Shestun and to facilitate his release.

In particular, Yulia Shestun claims that the case against her husband was framed up in order to create an obstacle for his participation in the election of the district head. She also listed the procedural violations committed by investigators and operatives on June 13 when they raided the family’s house. Also, she stressed that from the moment of her husband's imprisonment in a pretrial detention facility, she and the children receive threats.

Shestun assumes that the true state of events is concealed from Putin. She expressed hope that this appeal will reach the president and he will help restore justice. 

Yulia Shestun reminded that during the searches at their home on June 13, the security forces “twisted the arms” of her daughter and pointed a gun at her. According to the official's spouse, the force was used against all the family members, although no one resisted. The search lasted 13 hours, although there was no court permission, and the lawyers were not allowed to be present.

At the end of the appeal, the two younger children asked the president to help their father return home.



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