Shakro Molodoy passed polygraph test

Shakro Molodoy passed polygraph test
Zakhar Kalashov in the court Photo: RIA Novosti / Maksim Blinov

Lie detector shows that Zakhar Kalashov is clean as a whistle before the law.

The criminal authority Zakhar Kalashov, known as the kingpin Shakro Molodoy, was checked on a polygraph. The expertise on the polygraph was held within the framework of the ICR senior officials bribery case (Denis Nikandrov, Mikhail Maksimenko and Alexander Lamonov).

The lawyer of the General Nikandrov Anton Matiushenko told Life that Kalashov passed a psycho-physiological examination using a polygraph a few days ago.

"The polygraph showed that he did not give a bribe to investigators," - Matiushenko said.

However, lie detector’s results do not witness on an innocence of the kingpin. Obviously, Shakro Molodoy transferred money to ICR officers through an intermediary; therefore, the polygraph did not caught Kalashov in a lie.

A Life’s source said that the polygraph evidence could be recognized by the court as an additional evidence in the case.

As the CrimeRussia previously reported, the ICR senior staff Denis Nikandrov, Mikhail Maksimenko and Alexander Lamonov were arrested on suspicion of taking bribes of $1 million (all officers were to receive $5 million) from Shakro Molodoy. For the agreed amount investigators had to release from prison a comrade of Kalashov Andrey Kochuykov (Italian), who was placed into the pre-trial detention center on charges of extortion 8 million rubles from the owner of the Elements restaurant in Moscow.



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