Shakhty city managers to be tried for corruption

Shakhty city managers to be tried for corruption
Sergey Galatov

The head of the City Administration was accused of bribe-taking, and his deputy was charged with mediation thereof.

The Prosecutor's Office of the Rostov Region forwarded the Shakhty City Court the materials of a criminal case on mediation in bribery (part 2 of Article 291.1 CCRF) regarding the former deputy head of the city’s administration, Sergey Galatov. The former mayor of Shakhty, Igor Medvedev, is accused of taking a bribe in the amount of 70,000 rubles ($ 1,100).


Igor Medvedev

According to the investigators, in April 2017, Galatov received the bribe from a market director and handed over the money to Medvedev, who promised the entrepreneur not to bring those who illegally traded on the premarket territory during the holidays to administrative responsibility. Instead, Medvedev allegedly asked for a third of the income from the provision of trading places. 

Galatov and Medvedev were detained in May 2018. Galatov has a number of state awards, including the orders “The best criminal police officer” and “For excellent service in the Ministry of Internal Affairs.” The ex-official faces up to seven years in prison.



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