Sevastopol official detained in Perm to spend 2 months in prison awaiting trial

Sevastopol official detained in Perm to spend 2 months in prison awaiting trial
Ruslan Sadchenko

The Leninsky District Court of Perm has granted a request of an investigator from the Federal Security Service (FSB) department in the Perm Region. The request was to arrest the head of Department for Youth and Sports of the Sevastopol administration, former Deputy Minister of Physical Culture, Sports and Tourism of the Perm Region Ruslan Sadchenko.

Under the court decision, the official is sent to Sevastopol pre-trial detention facility №1, where he will remain until September 22.

Law enforcement officers detained Ruslan Sadchenko at the Bolshoye Savino airport, when he arrived from the Crimea. After that, the official was taken to the FSB department and interrogated. Ruslan Sadchenko appears as a suspect in a criminal case of embezzlement of budget funds that were allocated for the reconstruction of the Dinamo stadium. After the interrogation, the investigator issued a decree to detent the former Deputy Minister.

According to law enforcers, the criminal case into embezzlement of budget funds was opened this May. The investigators claim that during the reconstruction of the Dinamo stadium, which was carried out in 2015 as part of the federal target program Development of physical culture and sports in Russia, as well as the state the regional program Development of sports infrastructure in the Perm Region, 12.8 million rubles were stolen with forged documents.

Since part of the funds intended for reconstruction, namely 8.7 million rubles, was allocated as part of the federal target program, the FSB kept track of its spending.

After the fact of theft was established, suspicions fell on the leadership of the contractor company Tekhnologii y stroitelstvo (Technologies and construction). At the same time, one of the company’s representatives made a deal with investigators and testified against Ruslan Sadchenko.

As part of this investigation, the law enforcers plan to question the head of the regional Ministry of Sport Pavel Lyakh, who currently stands as a witness.

The reconstruction works at the Dinamo stadium were carried out in the period from September to December 2015. The total sum allocated for the work amounted to 46.8 million rubles.

Ruslan Sadchenko supervised a number of projects in the Perm Region. All of them were financed by the federal budget. The total sum allocated for the implementation of those projects exceeded 1.5 billion rubles.

The investigators are currently trying to find out if contracts for a number of projects controlled by Ruslan Sadchenko were valid. In particular, they are interested in the validity of the contract for the construction of a football arena.



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