Serpukhov district Head tells about his detention

Serpukhov district Head tells about his detention
Alexander Shestun

The Head of the Serpukhov district is kept in the SIZO where the top manager of Roscosmos was killed.

The arrested Head of the Serpukhov district, Alexander Shestun, told journalists about his detention in the SIZO and how he was warned about his arrest. As MK writes, the official was transferred to the detention center No. 5 Vodnik, where executive director of Roscosmos Evgeny Evdokimov died.

As the newspaper writes, the ward itself is quite spacious, albeit dark. No TV, no papers. In general, the prison is not so terrible, the official told reporters.

"The staff is very polite. I imagined them differently, I thought they would yell, order: "Arms on the nape." But everything is civil. It does not fit to hold a candle to my arrest," said Shestun.

He added that they detained him "in a tough way" - kicked, although he did not resist. According to him, he knew about the upcoming arrest:

"All the sympathizers told me that I should leave. They offered free accommodation in different countries. Benefits, protection. But I get self-love. Or I just think a lot about my homeland."

Recall that Alexander Shestun was accused of Exceeding Official Powers (Article 286 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation). According to the investigation, he illegally allocated four land plots and caused the damage of 62 million rubles ($989.000).



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