Senior Economic Crime Department officer caught taking 600-thousand-ruble bribe

Senior Economic Crime Department officer caught taking 600-thousand-ruble bribe

The Head of Economic Crime Department of Zarechny, Sverdlovsk region, has been caught taking a large bribe.

Police officers has caught Ivan Balantsov red-handed when receiving 600 thousand rubles.

According to investigative bodies, the guardian of order had extorted 600 thousand rubles from a representative of one of the local banks in exchange for his help in accepting the claim from the bank of a crime committed against its financial institution. The police does not specify the name of the bank in question.

Despite the Head of Economic Crime Department of the MIA Zarechny Municipal Department Ivan Balantsov, who has been caught on bribery, not pleading guilty, a criminal case under Art. 159 of the Russian Criminal Code has been initiated against him.

Police officers of the General Administration of Internal Security at MIA for the Sverdlovsk region and the Ural Economic Crime Department specialists detained Ivan Balantsov red-handed during a special operation.

According to Senior Assistant to the Head of the Regional ICR Investigations Directorate Aleksandr Shulga, the detained Economic Crime Department officer had intended to fraudulently receive a bribe from a the bank representative in exchange for his assistance in the audit following the claim received.

Aleksandr Shulga also added that Ivan Balantsov demanded a bribe from the complainant on last Thursday, while in his office. He told him to leave the money in the police officer's service car, and then handed him the keys. Once the required amount was transferred, police investigators detained the law enforcement officer.

The regional police administration's press service added that Major Balantsov extorted money from the banker for a positive solution to the issue related to the conduct of an audit. Police officer estimated his help at 600 thousand rubles.

It is noteworthy that, despite the apparency of the fact he committed the crime, as well as the available evidence, Ivan Balantsov denies any wrongdoing. Currently, the police officer is under house arrest.

According to the Head of Operations and Search Division at the Regional Administration of Internal Security, the Colonel Valentin Zenkov, the officer suspected of bribery had come to the attention of the Internal Security Department a long time ago. His activity has been monitored since he was transferred to the current post. As for detention, it was a logical outcome of the department’s work.

"Elimination of traitors from the internal affairs bodies was and is one of the priority directions of our activity," Valentin Zenkov said.



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