Senator Klishas turns out to have undeclared piece of land and a Maybach

Senator Klishas turns out to have undeclared piece of land and a Maybach
Photo: Navalny’s website

The Anti-Corruption Foundation has studied the politician’s declaration.

Head of the Federation Council Committee On Constitutional Legislation and State Construction Andrey Klishas turns out to have an undeclared plot of land in the Moscow region and a Maybach. This is reported in the new investigation of Alexey Navalny’s Anti-Corruption Foundation. 

In particular, the document states that in 2003, Klishas purchased a plot of 8.4 thousand square meters in the cottage community of Gorki-2 on Rublevka. However, according to cadastral extracts, Klishas declared only a part of this plot, having registered more than 5 thousand sq. m of this land to a homeowners’ association. 

Moreover, the declaration does not include a land plot of 1.3 hectares on the Pestovsky reservoir and a plot of 8.4 thousand square meters. 

According to the Anti-Corruption Foundation, Klishas bought this land from Russkaya Traditsiya (‘Russian Tradition’) LLC, owned by a British Virgin Islands offshore company. 

Andrey Klishas

Andrey Klishas

It is noteworthy that Russkaya Traditsiya is headed by Eduard Eremyan, Klishas deputy in the Department of Constitutional Law of the Peoples' Friendship University of Russia’s Law School. He has registered 13 domain names containing the word ‘Klishas’ and several domain names of sites dedicated to dogs to his name. Klishas heads the Dachshund national breed club. 

Russkaya Traditsiya has also registered a Maybach worth 12 million rubles ($174,303). 100 penalties for breaking the rules of the road have been issued to the owner of this car. The violations were committed in the same district of Moscow, where the Federation Council is located. In the pictures of wrongly parked car, there is a man very similar to Klishas, the Anti-Corruption Foundation notes. 

Earlier, in 2014, Navalny found a land in Switzerland, part of which Kilshas failed to declare.



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