Senator Klishas responds to charges of Navalny in concealing luxury property

Senator Klishas responds to charges of Navalny in concealing luxury property

According to FBK, a member of the Federation Council owns undeclared Maybach and real estate in Switzerland and Russia.

Federation Council member Andrey Klishas rejected the ownership of Maybach and offshore companies and called the collection of watches and other items mentioned in the investigation of the Anti-Corruption Foundation (FBK) as legitimate. At the same time, the Senator noted that he was a fellow student of Alexey Navalny and he knows a lot about him, but he refused to disclose any details, RBC reports.

“I hold a lot of things out of what he (Navalny) writes about, and much more. But I own neither Maybach nor offshore companies. The collection of watches - 32 tourbillon - is stored in a special safe in the Federation Council in the office. Everything is earned legally, taxes paid,” said Klishas.

Earlier, FBK published an investigation in which it noted the discrepancy between the data available to the fund and the tax declaration of the chairman of the Federation Council committee on constitutional legislation.

The Senator has undeclared property in Switzerland, 80 acres of land in the village of Gorki-2 in the Odintsvsky district, a three-story house with a total area of 1200 square meters, 1.3 hectares of land on the Pestovsky reservoir in the north of Moscow with a house of 2000 square meters and its own pier, 7.5 hectares in the Moscow region Istra and the same house with an area of 9000 square meters, Navalny writes.

Also, FBK found a Maybach car, which records many unpaid fines for traffic violations, and a collection of watches for 163 million rubles ($2.3m).



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