Senator Klimov's treasures revealed: offshores and successful brother 

Senator Klimov's treasures revealed: offshores and successful brother
Senator Andrey Klimov Photo: RIA Novosti

Klimovs reject all suspicions about their family activities. It turned out that legally there is nothing to nag at.

Senator from the Perm Territory Andrey Klimov, when being a State Duma deputy, owned a business, including offshore companies. The corresponding entries in the state registers of legal entities of Cyprus and Russia were found by Novaya Gazeta.

Thus, Andrey Klimov was a co-owner of company Korporatsiya KUB in Perm. The share in this corporation also belonged to firm from Cyprus Bikel Enterprises Ltd. As it transpired, the director of this offshore until November 2004 was deputy Klimov. And then, according to the documents, the company was headed by his wife Olga Klimova. She was also a co-owner of Korporatsiya KUB directly. This joint Russian-Cypriot CJSC was liquidated in 2003. And Bikel Enterprises - only in 2015.

However, Andrey Klimov himself refuted information from the documents of the Cyprus registry. He stated that his wife had never been the director of Bikel Enterprises. And this offshore, according to the senator, was closed much earlier.

"Such a company did existed once in the 90s. I actually advised them, but before I became a Duma deputy. Then I advised many companies, but it was in the late 80's and early 90's. But I certainly was not its director. I think you have very outdated information. It was closed before 2015. You ask about the story, which is 20 years old. I know for certain that, as a deputy, I did not manage any commercial organizations. But I can not be responsible for the register of companies in Cyprus. How can I influence what someone writes there? I do not know how they cross people out of this register", says Klimov.

The official data of the Russian register of legal entities say that Andrey Klimov did not directly have business. But he is listed as the founder of the European Integration Support Fund. And he owns together with his wife company Interindustry Institute for Regional Studies (MIRI). The same company, incidentally, was a co-founder of the aforementioned Korporatsiya KUB. Similar non-profit foundation for the promotion of Eurasian integration Eurasian Dialogue was established in 2016 by the same MIRI in conjunction with the Analytical Canter Katekhon. The member of the Federation Council, Andrey Klimov, became chairman of the council of Eurasian Dialogue.

This fund regularly holds public forums and conferences from the budget of state agency Rossotrudnichestvo. Thus, in 2016 Vladivostok held an international conference on food security in the Asia-Pacific region on the initiative of Eurasian Dialogue of Klimov. The main operator of the event was International Information Center (IIC) Alyans. According to the Russian registry of legal entities, it has three owners. 25% belong to the brother of Andrey Klimov, deputy of the Legislative Assembly of the Perm region from United Russia Sergey Klimov. Another 25% belong to IIC Partnership and Success, which was established by the same company MIRI (it is fully owned by the Klimovs). Another 50% of IIC Alyans belong to offshore Vivo Assets Ltd under the jurisdiction of the British Virgin Islands. However, it is impossible to obtain information about the ultimate offshore beneficiary.

Депутат Сергей Климов

Deputy Sergey Klimov

It is interesting that the already mentioned Perm deputy Sergey Klimov owns about 20 companies, the main activity of which is the organization of conferences and exhibitions.

These companies often become winners of auctions on state contracts, including on holding of forums initiated by Senator Andrey Klimov's fund. He does not see his merits in the success of his brother's business. 

"Note, he wins not only these forums. He has been involved in organizing forums and fairs around the world for 20 years. What you are talking about is less than 1%, I think, from what he does. And this is not prohibited by law. But I participate not only in these forums, but in dozens of others, which are not organized by Klimov Sergey Arkadevich. My relatives can engage in commercial activities, which is not prohibited by law", Andrey Klimov said.

It is interesting that in some cases only those companies that belong to Sergey Klimov take part in public procurement. Applications in this case are submitted with a difference of several minutes, and the proposed price is reduced by only several thousand rubles. Such imaginary competition was noticed in companies Agency for Strategic Communications Praktika (Practice) and Perm Fair, at the wheel of which Sergey Klimov is.

"The Agency for Strategic Communications Praktika participates in open competitions held by Rossotrudnichestvo, since 2012. Andrey Klimov did not render any help, and could not do so, since he is not an employee of Rossotrudnichestvo. All procedures were and are conducted in strict accordance with the laws of Russia. Companies are eligible to participate in any competitive procedures in accordance with the current legislation. Among other things, I am not the only participant in Praktika agency, moreover, my share is not even 30%, and I can not make decisions - the company is managed by another person", says Sergey Klimov.

Dmitry Utukin, the chief lawyer of Transparency International Russia, commenting on all the facts revealed about the Klimov brothers, said that nothing will threaten the senator for the revealed commercial activity, since the mandate of the Duma deputy has already expired. Although, even then, he would at most only resign. As for the simulation of competition between affiliated companies, this is not a violation of the law.

"However, if the FAS proves the existence of an agreement between them or sees concerted actions that lead or can lead to an increase, a decrease or maintenance of prices at tenders, or the prevention, restriction or elimination of competition, then such a tender may be declared invalid", notes Utukin .

Among other things, according to the data from the Panama Papers, Sergey Klimov is a co-owner and director of EXITO TRADE LIMITED, offshore company registered in the British Virgin Islands.




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