Security officer gets 8-year sentence for soliciting bribe from Sadovod vendor

Security officer gets 8-year sentence for soliciting bribe from Sadovod vendor
Pyotr Koryugin Photo: Kommersant

Pyotr Koryugin, an FSB operative, was one of the solicitors of 2 million rubles from a citizen of Azerbaijan, but never confessed to the crime.

The Moscow Garrison Military Court sentenced Pyotr Koryugin, a former FSB officer, to 8-year imprisonment for trying to get a large sum from a vendor with a police operative and several businessmen. In return, they promised the vendor would not be held liable for alleged drug possession. According to Kommersant, the victim’s name is as Yusif Khalilaev, an Azerbaijan-born owner of a sales outlet in the Sadovod market. It was Rashad Asadov, his rival from the same country, who had tipped off the solicitors. He envied Khalilaev’s luxurious lifestyle and assumed that he must have been involved in drug trade. Asadov got the help of a friend, Rashatdat Agalarov, and contacted Pyotr Koryugin, the Moscow FSB operative officer, who did not mind making extra money.

Koryugin brought two more policemen: police captain Pavel Filatov, who is the Lyublino crime unit head, and his subordinate, lieutenant Pavel Drozdov. Together, they persuaded a friend, Yanina Zhelyabovskaya, to plant drugs on the businessman. The woman agreed and left a bag of white powder under a seat of Khalilaev’s car when he was giving her a ride home.

After that, the police detained Khalilaev, took him to the station, where they demanded 6 million rubles ($89.3 thousand) for not initiating a criminal case against him. He replied that he did not have so much money. Rashad Asadov also took part in the bargaining by phone. As a result, the extortionists agreed on 2 million rubles ($29.7 thousand), took a deposit of 500 thousand rubles ($7.4 thousand) from the entrepreneur and sent him to collect the remaining amount. Khalilaev immediately appealed to the Department of Internal Security of the Ministry of Internal Affairs for Moscow.

As a result, in August 2017, when transferring the remaining amount, the security forces officers detained all participants in the scheme, except Koryugin. He was captured only six months after the testimony of Asadov.

The actions of the FSB officer were classified under part 5 of Art. 290 of the Criminal Code (Bribe-Taking), part 1 of Art. 286 of the Criminal Code (Exceeding Official Powers), part 3 of Art. 30, part 4 of Art. 159 of the Criminal Code (Swindling). Almost all persons involved in the case were convicted according to a special procedure and received lenient punishments - suspended or short terms.

Later, a count of the attempt to take a bribe on a large scale (Article 30 and Part 5 of Article 290 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation) appeared in Koryugin’s case. The investigation found that in June 2017, after the arrest of the suspect in drug smuggling, the Captain offered her to call home and warn about the upcoming search for a bribe of 300 thousand rubles ($4.4 thousand).

Koryugin still does not admit his guilt. His lawyer assures that the role of the Chekist was reduced only to the fact that he introduced Agalarov to Filatov, when he said that he needed to expose a drug dealer. The fact of receiving the bribes by his client was also not proven - 100 thousand rubles ($1.4 thousand) out of the 500 thousand rubles ($7.4 thousand) that Yusif Khalilaev handed over to the police before his release. The lawyer has already appealed to the Moscow District Military Court.



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