Security officer eats bills when caught taking bribe 

Security officer eats bills when caught taking bribe
The evidence Photo: Social media

The law enforcer was caught red-handed.

Major Sergei Salov from the Transport Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia for the Central Federal District offered to stop criminal prosecution if the person gave him cash. On November 6, the bribe-taker got his money but was caught red-handed. However, the major was not at a loss and tried to eat the material evidence, i.e. banknotes, having sunflower seeds right after as a snack, for some reason. The seeds were in the nearest desktop drawer at his office.

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The endeavor was almost a success - the bribe-taker nearly chewed the five-thousand bill. According to a source, Salov’s spouse recently died, and he was raising two children on his own. The department seemed to be understanding about it.

But that was not the first crime that the security officer has committed. A search uncovered 2 mobile phones of dead persons. How did they end up in his hands? Here is how: the major always made sure he came first to dead body calls in order to steal their belongings.



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