Security forces raided Chelyabinsk Culture Department

Security forces raided Chelyabinsk Culture Department
Dmitry Nazarov, the Head of the Chelyabinsk Culture Department Photo: Evgeny Sinitsyn /

Law enforcement officers suspected officials in fraud with the land.

Employees of the FSB and the anti-corruption MD MIA conducted seizure of documents in the Chelyabinsk Culture Department. The police spokesman Olga Sterk refused to disclose details, but confirmed that operational-search activities carried out in the Department.

Some Department's employees did not notice the arrival of investigators. The Department's spokesman Viktoria Oliferchuk stated that "everything is according to plan" and "there are no searches behind closed doors, as they say."

According to a source of, security officials requested several documents signed by current and former Culture Department's heads.

"It was not a mask-show. The documents were provided to law enforcement agencies, and that's all,"- the source said.

Sources suggest that law enforcement agencies take interest in the allocation of the land in the Argayash area on the shores of Uvildy Lake for a gifted children of the region camp. The decision on the allocation of land plots was taken by the Head of the Argayashsky municipal district Israfil Valishin too. In Chelyabinsk the procedure for registration was endorsed by the ex-Head of the Culture Department Andrey Grigoryev and Viktor Ereklintsev occupying today the post of the Head of the South Ural's capital Central district.

"Somehow, the documents were signed by Dmitry Nazarov (the current Head of the Government) too, but then he was still the head of the New Art Theater," - the source said. reports that subsequently most of the land, on which the camp should be located, is owned by businessmen and officials.

Note that the Chelyabinsk Culture Department was headed by Andrey Grigoriev in the years 2005-2011, by Victor Ereklintsev - from 2011 to 2013. Now, Dmitry Nazarov led the Department.



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