Second case against ex-Deputy Governor of Vladimir region over multi-million bribes

Second case against ex-Deputy Governor of Vladimir region over multi-million bribes
Dmitry Khvostov

Former Deputy Governor for construction of the Vladimir region is accused of corruption and bribe-taking.

A criminal case against the former official is investigated by specialists of the Department for Investigation of Particularly Important Cases of the ICR Investigations Directorate in the Vladimir region and representatives of FSB's regional office. Former Deputy Governor for Construction Dmitry Khvostov is accused of Bribe-Taking on an especially large scale (part 6 of Art. 290 of the Russian Criminal Code).

The regional ICR Department added that a person from the former official's circle is also prosecuted along with him on charges of Mediation in Bribery (part 4 of Art. 291.1 of the Russian Criminal Code).

According to investigative bodies, in April 2014, taking advantage of the official powers in construction and architecture, the ex-official conspired with a local businessman, who wanted to smoothly pass the approval procedure of the land use plan for territory in the south-western part of Vladimir.

During a personal meeting, Dmitry Khvostov voiced the amount of "remuneration" he wished to receive in exchange for his assistance in approving the project documentation to the businessman. He also specified the method of transferring the required amount.

In late April 2014, the official received 2.2 million rubles from the businessman. The money was transferred through a mediator on the part of Khvostov. He later used the resulting sum at his discretion.

It should be added that it is not the first criminal case against the corrupt official. In October this year, a criminal case for committing a similar crime was initiated against him. In this case, the bribe amounted to 1.4 million rubles. The former official received the money from a local businessman for his assistance in facilitating the resolution of the issue of budget financing of social facilities construction.

Dmitry Khvostov is currently in custody by court's decision. Law enforcement officers continue to investigate the crimes committed by the former official, as well as engage in gathering and consolidating the evidence base.



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