Second bribe in case of Khakassia Head's Administration Chief Byzov

Second bribe in case of Khakassia Head's Administration Chief Byzov
Vladimir Byzov

The bribe in the amount of 17 million rubles, upon which former Chief of the Khakassia Head's Administration Vladimir Byzov is accused, is not the only one.

In a criminal case of the official another count appered. He is charged with receiving another bribe in the amount of 2.6 million rubles. In addition to the bribes, Byzov is accused of fraud as a member of the OCG, which, apart from him, includes a number of other high-ranking officials, Khakassia news agency reported.

In addition, it became known that new evidence appeared in the Byzov's case, according to which he put pressure on the employees of medical institutions with the aim of forcing them to commit actions in favor of a companies Tel LLC and P-Pharm JSC.

Today, the court considered the motion of the defense of Byzov and other involved in the case of Swindling committed by an organized group with the use of official position (part 5, Art. 33, part 4 of Art. 159 of the Criminal Code), head of the Procurement Center of the Republic Igor Arokin. In considering an application for change of Byzov's measure of restraint the court decided to take a break for one day.

It is reported that the hearing of the appeal of the arrest takes place via video conferencing from the Minusinsk pre-trial detention center, despite the fact that Byzov asked for the possibility to be present in the courtroom.

His defense considered problems with health (arthrosis, herniated discs, problems with the kidneys and gastrointestinal tract, and swelling of the feet), and his status as a state secret carrier as the argument for a restrictive measure to mitigate.

It was also verified the amount seized during the search at Byzov. According to new data, in addition to 30 million rubles, as reported earlier, it was found 9000 euros and 25 thousand dollars.

Recall, the Chief of the Khakassia Head's Administration is suspected of bribery and fraud, committed as part of a criminal gang. The OCG, according to the investigation data, is consisted of eight officials and businessmen, who for a year, from the December 1, 2015 to December 27, 2016, caused damage to the budget in the amount of 195 million rubles, purchasing medical equipment at inflated prices. Vladimir Byzov is arrested by the court until February 28, 2017. Several other defendants in the criminal case are in custody. 



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