Sechin's divulging state secrets challenged Ulyukaev’s case

Sechin's divulging state secrets challenged Ulyukaev’s case
Igor Sechin and Alexey Ulyukaev

The fact that the head of Rosneft did not timely inform the investigation of the fact that he disclosed state secrets during the previous conversation with Ulyukaev could be grounds for the cancellation of the future verdict.

President of Rosneft PJSC Igor Sechin, by his statement on disclosure of information containing state secrets during a conversation with Alexey Ulyukaev at the time of the transfer of that bribe, questioned the legality of the hearings in the case of the ex-Minister. A source familiar with the situation told Rosbalt.

According to the agency, if words of Sechin really contained state secrets, he, as a carrier of classified information, had to report this during the preliminary investigation. Then a corresponding procedural decision would have been taken - either the entire case or its individual materials would have been classified as "secret."

The source of Rosbalt noted that the criminal case, the materials of which contain state secrets, should be considered by a special part of the Moscow City Court. Currently, the case of the former Head of the Ministry of Economic Development, which is considered since August 8 in the Zamoskvoretsky District Court of Moscow, is handled by an ordinary panel.

According to the source, this detail challenges the whole process against Ulyukaev. If it is confirmed that there is a state secret in the materials of the case, then the question of violation of the jurisdiction will arise. And it, in turn, can serve as the basis for cancellation of the future verdict. However, during the interrogation Sechin did not warn about the state secrets, although he was obliged to do so.

"Sechin and Ulyukaev have access to such information, they know which information is secret. Investigators, prosecutors, operatives are simply not aware of this. Sechin, as the carrier of the state secret, had to immediately announce this fact. Here is the question not to the investigators and prosecutors, but to himself - as to the carrier of the state secret: how he allowed it to become well known," the Rosbalt’s interlocutor said.

Earlier, during a hearing on the case of the former Head of the Ministry of Economic Development, the prosecutor read out the transcript of the conversation between Sechin and Ulyukaev during the operational experiment. During a conversation at the office of Rosneft Igor Sechin handed the basket with meat products From Ivanych to the Minister and a case in which there were $2 million - this sum, according to Igor Sechin, was demanded by Alexey Ulyukaev for approval of a deal to purchase shares of Bashneft.

Meanwhile, as previously reported, the evidence turned out to be very unconvincing, as Igor Sechin did not utter key phrases prepared for him by the FSB. Therefore, Ulyukaev could not understand that in the suitcase there was money given to him as a bribe.

Ulyukaev believes that he was a victim of provocation. According to the ex-Minister, he thought that there was some gift from the head of Rosneft in the bag, for example, several bottles of good wine. Recall that Igor Sechin called the announcement of his conversation with Ulyukaev in court "a professional cretinism" and said that his dialogue with the Minister contained a state secret.

Recall that former Head of the Ministry of Economic Development Alexey Ulyukaev was detained on November 14, 2016 receiving bribes. November 15, he was dismissed by Russian President Vladimir Putin in connection with the loss of confidence. He is currently under house arrest. He does not admit his guilt.



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