Sechin is absent at hearing of Russia v. Ulyukaev case

Sechin is absent at hearing of Russia v. Ulyukaev case
Igor Sechin

The Rosneft spokesman said Sechin did not received summons to the court.

Rosneft CEO and a main witness in the ex-minister Alexey Ulyukaev’s case, Igor Sechin, did not appear at the court hearing again.

Sechin was sent the first summons to the court last week. The witness had to come to the meeting on November 13, but this did not happen. Then the oil company said that Sechin did not received summons. After that, the court agreed to send Sechin a second summons with a demand to appear in court as a witness for interrogation on November 15, but he did not come again. Later, press secretary of Rosneft Mikhail Leontiev told media that the summons to the court for Sechin has not reached the receiver yet.

A trial on the former economic development minister Alexey Ulyukaev, accused of taking $2m-bribe from Igor Sechin for a positive decision on Bashneft’s privatization, is ongoing.

In case the head of Rosneft does not appear in court, he will be forced to do this by law enforcement.



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