Seaside town of Dalnegorsk: Mayor arrested, office searched

Seaside town of Dalnegorsk: Mayor arrested, office searched
Igor Sahuta

Igor Sahuta has been arrested on suspicion of an apartment fraud.

The Investigative Committee of Russia in the Primorsky region has opened a criminal case against Igor Sahuta, the Administration head of Dalnegorsk. He is suspected of committing a crime under part 3 of Art. 285 of the Criminal Code (Abuse of Official Powers). Yesterday, OMON and FSB operatives arrested him in his office, after searches were conducted in the local administration.

According to investigators, in the end of 2015, when the official set up e-auctions so the underprivileged from dilapidated housing could purchase well-appointed apartments, he unduly inflated the prices. A total number of purchased apartments reached 34 with 17 purchase orders issued. The illegal actions caused a 22-million-ruble damage to the Social Housing Fund, as well as to the budget of both the Primorsky region and the town of Dalnegorsk. People had to pay about 1.5 million rubles extra for each apartment.

Currently, the court is considering the verdict regarding the suspect; other persons involved in the crime are being identified.

Meanwhile, Sahuta’s City Hall colleagues testified in favor of the Mayor, believing that he had not committed the violations he was charged with. The apartments for the underprivileged were purchased within the limits prescribed by law, as it is said in a statement posted on the official website of the City Administration.



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