Searches in Novgorod Government building

Searches in Novgorod Government building

The regional Investigative Committee officers have held searches in the Novgorod government building as part of official crime investigation.

September 23, Investigative Committee officers held searches in the regional Government building in Novgorod region. Police officers are investigating into official misconduct. A criminal case on the evidence of offences covered by part 1 of Art. 285 Abuse of Official Powers has been initiated. 

According to investigative authorities, June 13, 2014, the Sluzhba Zakazchika municipal budgetary institution signed a contract with a construction company regarding the construction of Skazka kindergarten in the town of Malaya Vishera. In December 2014, the Head of the budget institution signed a number of documents and certificates of acceptance of the works executed. As a result, we get the following picture: equipment supplies and construction works with the total value exceeding 37 million rubles were implemented in full only on paper. In practice, however, kindergarten was not constructed, and equipment was not supplied.

As part of the investigations, law enforcement officers searched the building of the Novgorod region government. Their aim was to obtain the documentation required for the subsequent procedural assessment of the actions of officials and other civil servants involved in the corruption crimes committed during the kindergarten construction.

The investigators analyzed the seized documentation and studied the information about possible obstruction of the preliminary investigation into the case.

Investigating authorities also examined the decision of the Prosecutor's Office concerning the abolition of the decision to institute criminal proceedings against the head of the Malovishersky district. It was he who signed a permit for commissioning Skazka kindergarten in December last year, when in fact children's institution was not completed.

The press service of the regional ICR noted that "the arguments set out in the decision are farfetched, and the decision itself is not based on the provisions of law." In this regard, the investigation has appealed to the prosecutor's office against this decision.⁠



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